Job—Faithful to God

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Job—Faithful to God

Long ago there was a man named Job who loved God very much. Job was a wise man, and had thousands of sheep and camels, and hundreds of oxen and donkeys. He also had seven sons and three daughters.

One day when the angels were standing before God, Satan came and stood with them. Satan told God, "Job loves you because You are so good to him. If Job were to lose everything he has, then he would turn away form You."

Later, Job lost all of his animals and all of his children. Job also became very sick with horrible sores all over his body. Job's wife because angry with God and tried to get Job mad at God. But Job did not. He still loved God.

When Job's friends heard about what had happened, they came to visit him. They thought that maybe God was punishing him. They said, "You have lost everything, and you are covered with sores. Surely you have done something wrong, and God is punishing you."

But Job said he had not sinned against God. He continued to trust God and stay faithful to Him.

Because Job was faithful, God made him well again. God also gave Job twice as many animals as he had had before! And once again, Job had seven sons and three daughters.

When Job was hurt and suffering, he did not become angry with God. He continued to love God. When we are suffering, we should follow Job's example. When we show God our love and stay close to Him, we allow Him to help us through our troubles.

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