The Pharaoh's Dream

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The Pharaoh's Dream
Genesis 41

Joseph was all alone in Egypt, but God took care of him. There was a special reason God had allowed Joseph to be taken to Egypt.

One night, the king of the Egyptians—the Pharaoh—had a dream. In the dream he saw seven fat, healthy cows. Then he saw seven sick, starving cows.

Then the Pharaoh had a second dream. He saw seven healthy heads of grain growing on a single stalk. Then he saw seven thin, dry heads of grain.

In the morning, the Pharaoh could not forget about the strange dreams. He called all his magicians and the wise men of Egypt, but no one could interpret the dreams.

One man said, "I know someone who can help interpret your dream. His name is Joseph."

When Joseph came before the king, the Pharaoh asked, "Can you interpret my dream?"

"I cannot," said Joseph, "but God will give you the answer."

After Pharaoh described the dream, Joseph said, "God is telling you that for seven years Egypt will have much food. But after those seven years are over, there will be seven years of famine, and there will be no food. This means you must start saving as much food as possible so we will have enough to make it through the famine."

The Pharaoh saw that Joseph was wise, and he made Joseph a ruler over all Egypt!

Can you find your way through the field of grain and get to the grain-filled pots at the end?

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