The Wise Men Visit Jesus

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The Wise Men Visit Jesus Matthew 2:1-12

One night, while looking at the sky, some wise men who lived in the east saw a new star. They knew it was a special star. "Let's follow it," they said. "That star is announcing the birth of a great king!"

The wise men prepared for their long journey and took with them some wonderful gifts for the new king. After traveling for weeks and months, they finally arrived in Jerusalem.

"Where is the new king?" they asked. Herod, who was the ruler over Jerusalem, did not know the answer. He became afraid because he did not want another king to replace him. Herod asked the Jewish leaders about it. They said, "This child was to be born in Bethlehem."

The wise men then followed the star to Joseph and Mary's house. They saw the young child, Jesus, with Mary and bowed down to worship him. Then they gave the treasures they had brought for him.

Can you help the wise men find their way to Bethlehem?

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