2011 Passport Q&A

Teachers, the following pages have detailed questions and activities from each tour. Print out a copy of each activity page for your student's passports. Don't forget to print the stamps for the upper right corner of each page.

Syrian Antioch

Followers draw Antioch citizens into the Church, Barnabas and Saul help the Church


Missionary journey to Cyprus


Where Paul grew up


Fairy chimneys, Underground cities protect Christians from the Romans

Pisidian Antioch

Paul preaches to the Jews and Gentiles


The Jews are angry with Paul for preaching to the Gentiles, A new Christian church would open later


The myth of Jupiter and Mercury visiting Lystra; Paul heals man near the temple; Paul and Barnabas are attacked, Christian friends provide protection and prayers

Lystra (Timothy)

Paul and Barnabas meet Eunice, Lois, and Timothy; Timothy helps build a Christian church; Paul's letters to Timothy


A tour of a small village near Derbe; The tell of Derbe; Paul and Barnabas decide to revisit and encourage members of the new churches

2011 Tours