2015 Passport Q&A

Teachers, the following pages have detailed questions and activities from each tour. Print out a copy of each activity page for your students' passports. Don't forget to print the stamps for the upper right corner of each page.

Paul's Invitation to Greece

Paul and Silas Travel to Greece
Visiting Philippi & Meeting Lydia
Paul and Silas in Prison
Visiting Thessalonica & Meeting Jason
Paul and Silas Go to Berea
Paul Sails to Athens
Paul, Alone in Athens, Awaits News of Churches in Greece

The Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses

Comparison of Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses


Monasteries on High Rock Formations
Works of the Monks
Visiting a Monastery


The Oracle - Pythia
The Temple of Apollo
The Charioteer

From Delphi to Olympia

The Olympics and Greek Games

Olympia (Part 1)

The Torch

2015 Tours