Book Reviews – For Kids / Teens

Daughter of Jerusalem by Joanne Otto

In Joanne Otto's "Daughter of Jerusalem," 14-year-old Mara is captivated by the news that a young Galilean rabbi named Yeshua - better known as Jesus - is coming to Jerusalem. And she is on a mission to meet him, even if it means putting herself in danger.

Heaven is for Real for Kids As told by Colton Burpo to his parents Todd & Sonja Burpo

Nearly-four-year-old Colton has a special story to share about his trip to heaven and back. With the help of his parents, Colton delivers a simple but powerful message to kids in a beautifully illustrated book: Jesus loves you very much.

Facing Your Giants: Teen Edition by Max Lucado, adapted by Monica Hall

Teens, get reacquainted with David and see how heroes come in all sizes. Author Max Lucado hits at handling the challenges that bully the younger generation, which require the same unwavering faith that allowed David to defeat Goliath.