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Esau Facts for 3-8 Year Olds

Categories: Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau

  • Rebekah becomes pregnant with twins.
  • The Lord tells her that “two nations are in your womb…;…the elder shall serve the younger.”
  • Esau is born first, the elder.
  • He is “red, all over like a hairy garment.”
  • His name might mean “hairy” or “red.”
  • Jacob is his twin.
  • Esau is a good hunter, a man of the field.
  • One day he returns from the field and is starving.
  • He asks Jacob for some soup.
  • Jacob says first he must sell him his birthright.
  • Esau says his birthright is of no use to him if he dies of hunger.
  • Jacob makes him take an oath; he does.
  • When Esau is forty, he marries two Hittite women.
  • This greatly upsets his parents.
  • One day, Isaac calls Esau to him and wants to bless him.
  • Rebekah overhears Isaac and, while Esau is out hunting, helps Jacob steal the blessing.
  • Right after Isaac blesses Jacob, Esau returns from the field.
  • When Isaac tells Esau he has already blessed Jacob, Esau cries out.
  • Esau hates Jacob and plans to kill him as soon as Isaac is gone.
  • Rebekah sends Jacob to Haran.
  • Then Esau moves everyone to Seir.
  • Eventually, Esau has five sons.
  • On his way back to the Promised Land, Jacob worries about meeting Esau.
  • His messengers tell Jacob that Esau is coming with 400 men.
  • Jacob assumes the worst so he sends lots of gifts to Esau.
  • He hopes to bribe Esau.
  • When they meet, Esau gives him a big hug.
  • At first, Esau refuses Jacob’s gifts, saying he has all he needs.
  • Jacob keeps insisting and eventually Esau takes them.
  • Esau forgives Jacob.
  • He wants Jacob to come live with him.
  • Jacob agrees and tells him to go on ahead because he can travel much faster.
  • Esau leaves, but Jacob and his family go in the opposite direction.
  • Esau and Jacob meet again when they come together to bury their father, Isaac.
  • Esau is the founder of Edom, an enemy of Israel.
  • Jewish tradition always portrays Esau in a bad light.