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Join us in our study of the Sermon on the Mount. Feb: Salt, Light, and Law, Matt 5:13-20
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Today's Issues: How do we handle the divisiveness and bitterness in politics? Can the Bible help? Everyday Living: Jesus expected us to be “the salt of the earth … the light of the world.” How would that affect family dynamics, marriages, careers? Could we transform them? For Teens: Will you be “the salt of the earth … the light of the world” today? How? Bible Study: Salt, Light, and Law in the Sermon on the Mount
Bible Study: Exodus 3: Moses and the Burning Bush Kids: Coloring Page — You Are the Light of the World Kids: Use the key to break the code (You are the salt of the earth) Kids: Solve the math problems and decode the puzzle (You are the light of the world)
Kids: Circle the God-like qualities, that show how you are the salt of the earth Kids: Cut out the pictures to complete Matthew 5:14-16 from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount