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Jesus Teaches About Loving Our Enemies

Hi Kids! This month we have two new stories that help us understand what Jesus meant in the Sermon on the Mount when he told us to love our enemies.

For younger kids, Charlie was having a hard time even liking Justin because sometimes Justin did and said mean things. And when that happened, it made Charlie mad and sad at the same time. Charlie turned to his Bible and talked with his Mom and Dad to learn how to love Justin even when Justin wasn't acting very lovable. Read the story of Charlie and Justin.

For older kids, Madi and Sam had been best friends since they were toddlers. In 5th grade, they happily headed off to summer camp together. Sadly, at camp, Sam found herself excluded from a group of girls that happily included Madi. Strugglingly to figure out how to fit in and reconnect with Madi, Sam remembers Jesus' teachings from the Sermon on the Mount. Read Sam and Madi's story.

This Month's Featured Stories for Young Children


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