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Making Things Right and Talking Truthfully

Hi Kids! We’re continuing our study of the Sermon on the Mount. This month, we’re going to explore the meaning of Matthew 5:21-26, where Jesus reminds us that in order to love God, we have to love others. We have to get rid of angry outbursts.

Jesus tells us:

  1. We can’t hold a grudge and work hard to stay mad at our friends or siblings. If we do, we’ll feel judged; we’ll feel bad.
  2. We also can’t call other people names. It hurts their feelings, and it kills their joy. It could also create problems that would land us in a whole heap of trouble with our parents or teachers or other people in charge.
  3. We can’t go on an all-out attack at others, calling them worthless, shaming them, making them feel horrible about themselves. Or else … well, we will all end up feeling miserable beyond miserable.

But sometimes we do get angry. So what do we do with those feelings? Jesus gives us some ideas on how to make things right. He explains:

  1. If we’re planning on worshipping God and remember that we’re in an argument with someone, we stop what we’re doing and try to make it right with them. We do our best to find a solution so we can be on friendly terms.

Now, that may not always happen. Not everyone wants to be friends with us. So if that’s the case:

  1. Then we can just agree to disagree. They think their way; we think our way. And we accept that there are differences and do our best to be okay with that. We don’t keep bringing up the problem. We don’t stay mad. We let go of anger and move on.

We’re also looking at Matthew 5:33-37. Jesus explains that how we talk matters. We need to speak the truth—not just some times, but all times. If we have to make a promise or an oath so that we keep our word, we’re saying that there are times when we don’t keep our word or do what we say we’re going to do.

So Jesus tells us how to fix this: make our words be “Yes” or “No.” He’s saying to be truthful. We should not try to impress others, be clever, get our own way, put others down, be sneaky with our words, or even lie. We should be clear and simple in our talk. We don’t need to explain or justify or defend. Speak honestly … and lovingly.

As we’re honest with God, we’re able to be honest with others. And the real way to prove our love for God is to be loving towards others. They go hand-in-hand. Enjoy the blessings of truth and love.


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