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Hi Kids! As you are learning, unselfishness is the way to go – it makes someone else feel good and it makes us feel good, too. It’s a true win-win!

In the last couple months, we’ve read about Bible characters who were unselfish; we’ve read some of Jesus’ parables on being selfless; and we’ve heard how Jesus healed, which is the ultimate act of selflessness.

This month, we’re going to take a look at another Bible character, an unselfish widow. During a time of extreme drought, God sent the Prophet Elijah to Zarephath to be cared for by a widow and her son. When Elijah arrived at the widow’s house, the woman was preparing her last meal because she was completely out of meal and oil to make more food. Elijah asked for some water and a little cake. Here comes the unselfish part: although there was only enough meal and oil for her son and herself, she made Elijah a little cake first. She then discovered that the meal and oil didn’t run out – in fact, they lasted throughout the three years of drought. What an immense reward for her unselfishness.

In Jesus’ parable about a rich man and Lazarus, we discover how selfish the rich man is. Every day someone dumps Lazarus off at his gate. He is just waiting for a crust of bread from the rich man’s table. In the parable, they both die. Lazarus is in heaven and the rich man is quite uncomfortable in hell. Eventually, we see a change take place in the rich man, but not before a major lesson is learned.

Enjoy thinking of how you can express more unselfishness at home, in school, and in your social interactions.

In response to BibleWise’s request to share stories of unselfishness, a mother reported that her 4-year-old son helped another boy. With the heavy rains in California, there was mud everywhere. This boy’s classmate got his tricycle stuck in the mud and couldn’t get out. The little boy knew helping him would result in dirty, wet clothing and he had on a pair of pants he liked very much. But he knew helping was more important. Getting covered from head to toe in the mud, he helped his friend get the tricycle free. Both boys were happy with the success of their muddy adventure!

We’d love to hear your stories of unselfishness. Email your stories to kids@biblewise.com.

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