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Spiritual Goals - How Can We Be Unselfish?

Hi Kids! There’s no better time to start fresh than on New Year’s Day! Let’s wipe the slate clean of fears, doubts, sadness, anger and frustration – and let’s look up! What new views can we welcome into our lives this year?

As I sat down to think about what spiritual goals I wanted to see more of in my life in 2017, I couldn’t help thinking about the world and what it needs. More love – more respect – more kindness – more listening to each other – more forgiveness – less criticism – less hate – less anger – less judgment – less racism. It all boils down to a huge need for unselfishness. What if we all ask ourselves how we can be more unselfish this year? What does unselfishness look like? This year we’re going to look at the unselfish behavior of different Bible characters and at several of Jesus’ parables and healings.

Who do you think was the most unselfish Bible character? Jesus! When you’re willing to give up your life for others, that’s pretty unselfish. Let’s start with Jesus’ unselfish act of feeding the 5000. See how many more stories you can add to your list of Jesus’s unselfishness. We’ll also look at a different parable and a healing each month. We’ll start with the parable of the Good Samaritan, and the healing of the Syrophoenician woman’s daughter. The mother unselfishly persuaded Jesus to heal her daughter, and he did. Are we willing to push for healing? How could we be more forceful about praying for and expecting healing? Enjoy the stories and games prepared to examine living unselfishly.

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