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Hi Kids! It’s February, which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (if you live in the United States), making it that time of year when we go out of our way to show our love! But why wait until February 14th and why not celebrate even if you live outside the USA? In other words, why not try to be more loving for the entire month and no matter where you live? Every time you make someone feel good, you’re also making that person feel loved.

Just think how nice it is to receive love – to be hugged, to be listened to, to be included, to be taken care of, to be respected as an individual who matters, to be told that you’re a good person, to be thanked for something you did, to be forgiven for something you didn’t do or didn’t say quite right. These are just some of the ways that we show love and receive love. This month, let’s look for ways to love someone who doesn’t seem to get much love. Let’s find new ways to love those we take for granted, like our parents, our brothers and sisters, our best friends. Love is all about giving to others – it’s a gift from the heart and it isn’t looking for anything in return. It’s unselfish – and that’s the goal we set for ourselves for the whole year. We’d better get going!

When we read the Bible story of the Prodigal Son this month, we’ll look at the father as an amazingly unselfish and loving character. He loved his younger son so much that he gave him his inheritance early and then forgave him when the son returned home penniless. Of course, you know that the best example of unselfish love is Jesus. Can you think of a Bible character whom Jesus loved? How about the woman whose dead son was being carried out of the town on a bier, a kind of stretcher? He loved her enough to bring her son back to life so that she wouldn’t have to become a homeless person. See how many other examples you can find in the Bible. And then, see how many ways YOU can love others.

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