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Unselfishness & Holy Land Tour

Hi, Kids! It’s just about summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and public school is nearly out in North America – hooray! It’s time for a vacation—time off from homework and school schedules.

It’s tempting to think that summer is all about me, me, me! But that’s not true. Every day of the year brings us opportunities to be helpful, to support someone in need, to give our time and attention to others—not just to ourselves.

The great thing about helping, supporting and giving is that it makes us feel good! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you’ve been helpful to someone—knowing you’ve been part of finding solutions. That’s unselfishness at its best!

We’ve certainly learned to turn to the Bible for examples of unselfishness these past five months. And the month of June is no different! Let’s meet a very special woman named Dorcas, or Tabitha. Then we’ll meet two people who are in debt. That means they owe money to someone else.

Dorcas, who did many good works for others, dies and is brought back to life by Paul. And the two debtors learn a very important lesson about forgiveness and unselfishness when it comes to paying back their debts.

After reading their stories, see if you can think of a way to be more giving, supporting and helpful in your own life. Someone needs you! Someone would welcome your help! Have fun figuring out who it is and how you can be unselfish this summer.

Holy Land Tour

Are you all packed and ready for our last summer Tour of the Holy Lands? In order to get started on this summer’s journey, be sure to fill out your passports and get cyber-packed for the tour. Check the itinerary for June, July, and August. This summer we'll travel with Paul to Crete, Malta, and Rome.

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