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Review Joseph and the Prodigal Son with the Theme of Forgiveness

Categories: Forgiveness

  • Name different characters in the Bible who needed forgiveness.
    • What did they do that they needed to be forgiven?
    • Think of Joseph's brothers?
    • When is a prank an act of terrorism?
    • What about the Prodigal son?
      • Why did he want forgiveness?
    • Did Jesus' disciples need to be forgiven?
  • Name different characters in the Bible who were forgiving.
    • Did Joseph forgive Potiphar's wife?
    • Did Joseph forgive the Butler for leaving him in prison?
    • Did Joseph forgive his brothers?
      • What did he say to them?
    • Did Jacob forgive his sons for what they did to Joseph and himself?
    • Why did the father forgive his son who took his inheritance and spent it all in a far off land?
    • Did the brother forgive his wayward brother? Why or why not?
    • Who else in the Bible was forgiving?
    • Do you know how to forgive?
      • Who have you forgiven?
      • Why?