Do Good to Each Other

By Mary Jane Chaignot

Categories: Moses, The Bible


Could you point me to scriptures that deal specifically with God's desire for us to help each other?


My favorite story about helping is in Ex. 17:8-16. The Children of Israel were attacked by the Amalekites. The only way Joshua and his army could beat them was if Moses held up his arms. When he put his arms down, the Amalekites appeared to be winning. Imagine how difficult that was for Moses. If you've ever tried keeping your hands above your head for a significant period of time, you know how hard that is. So the remedy was for Aaron and Hur to set Moses on a rock and stand on either side of him and hold Moses' arms up until Joshua's army won the battle.

I regularly use this story about supporting one another when I'm called upon to hold up the "arms" of a church member going through deep waters, or anyone else. We need to be willing to help them hold up their arms until they win the battle. What I think is interesting are the closing verses that speak of writing this memorial in a book. Was it just the victory or was it what it took to help each other that needs to be remembered?

There are many other instances of showing support. Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan readily comes to thought. The man who was beaten by robbers was left to die. A priest and Levite passed by on different occasions and walked away. These were individuals you would expect to show compassion. The Samaritan, who was not ethnically or socially invested, helped this man physically as well as financially. (Luke 10:25-37)

Still there are other examples that come to mind:

  • Abraham saves Lot from being kidnapped by the kings. Gen. 14:8-20
  • Joseph, after the maltreatment of his brothers, provides food for them during the seven years of famine in Egypt. Gen. 42:1-8
  • Rahab protects the spies in Jericho. Josh 2:1-24
  • Esther risks her own life to save her people from persecution. Esther 5:1-14

There are many more instances. I invite our readers to share some of their favorite Biblical examples.

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