Questions & Answers – New Testament

Are the Stories in the Bible True?

Can we take the stories in the Bible, such as Adam and Eve and the apple, Lot and his daughters, Abraham and Isaac, Job, and such stories as true or myths?

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Were there any thanksgiving celebrations in the Bible and if so - which ones?

The Mount of Olives and Garden of Gethsemane

What is the difference between the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane?

Are the Old and New Testaments about Jesus Christ?

I teach 3 and 4 year old children the Bible and I want to be able to tell them first of all that the whole Bible is all about Jesus Christ. Do you have a good paragraph or two that I could say that 3 and 4 year old children would understand? (Old Testament & New Testament -- all focused on Jesus Christ)

Biblical Authors

After reading about the Apocryphal books, whose authors are, for the most part, anonymous, I'm wondering if we know more about the authors of the books that did make it into the canon? Do we know who wrote the books of the Bible?

Jesus' Companions

Was the group of people that traveled with Jesus more than the 12 regulars (apostles)? Some indications are that more than the 12 (70 to 120?) were constant companions through his entire (or most of his) ministry (be it 1 year or 3).

Apostolic Authors

Did the apostles avoid writing early in their careers because they thought judgment day was going to happen in their time? Were they expecting the second coming be a judgment day based on the Jewish concept of what the Messiah was going to do?

Jesus' Family

Since James is thought to be the brother of Jesus, why do some people think that Mary and Joseph had no other children?

James' Teaching

Why did Jesus curse the fig tree? It seems to be the only time he did something that wasn't meant in a positive way. It doesn't bring life, or restoration; a tree gets cursed. And frankly, the tree seems to be totally without guile in this incident.

Jairus and the Hemorrhaging Woman

Why is the story of Jairus interrupted by the hemorrhaging woman?

John, the Apostle

As a Sunday school assignment, I'm to find interesting information and healings of John, Jesus' apostle. If you could send me some information that would be great! Thank you for this great web-site.