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Jesus and John the Baptist

What is the relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist?

Similarities between Abraham and Isaac and Jesus and God

Do you see a tie in between Abraham almost sacrificing Isaac and God/Jesus?

What Day Was Jesus Crucified?

Isn't there a possibility that Jesus was crucified on Wednesday or Thursday and not Friday?

Was Thomas Jesus' Twin?

Is it possible that Thomas may have been Jesus' double (in looks) and might have been asked to die in his place?

A Question about the Napkin Placed on Jesus Face

Several readers have asked whether the following story is true. "The Gospel of John (20:7) tells us that the napkin, which was placed over the face of Jesus, was not just thrown aside like the grave clothes.

A Question about Whether or Not Jesus Blood Touched the Ground

Jesus' blood, some say, did not touch the ground, or it would have been contaminated. Can you please explain? Thanks.

Why Did John Question if Jesus was "The One"?

The Bible states that John sent messengers from prison to Jesus to ask if He was the one, the Messiah. Or "do we look for someone else?" Why did John question whether Jesus was "the one"? Surely John knew who Jesus was.

A Question about Laying on of Hands

It seemed that touching the sick or injured had negative implications for the Jews. True? If so, what is the importance of Jesus and his disciples touching or laying on of hands as part of some healings?

Are the Old and New Testaments about Jesus Christ?

I teach 3 and 4 year old children the Bible and I want to be able to tell them first of all that the whole Bible is all about Jesus Christ. Do you have a good paragraph or two that I could say that 3 and 4 year old children would understand? (Old Testament & New Testament -- all focused on Jesus Christ)

The Lord's Prayer - Original Wording

In the Lord's Prayer found in Matthew, please address the comma that appears after "...debts...." Was it there from the beginning, or was it added in later translations? To be consistent with the Prayer found in Luke, it would seem that the comma had to be there originally. All of this is leading to my ultimate question: Since this is a Jewish prayer given under the Law, is it not asking that one's forgiveness be conditioned on one's performance, and, therefore, not appropriate for Grace Age believers?

Psalm 22 and Jesus

I notice that in the KJV Mark 15:34, the famous passage portraying Jesus' last words in the passion, he seems to be quoting directly from Psalm 22, which describes the psalmist's circumstances in a manner and in detail too close to the crucifixion to be coincidence. I wonder what is the general level of scholarly comment on this matter, how much is there, and which way?


Three of the four Gospels describe Jesus' Transfiguration on the mountain where Moses and Elijah appeared to him and three of his disciples. How do scholars talk about this event?

Definition of Meekness

Recently I read in Numbers 12:3, "Now the man Moses was very meek, more than all men that were on the face of the earth." In what way was Moses meek?


How did Peter, James, and John recognize Moses and Elias (Elijah) at the Transfiguration (Matt. 17:1-8; Mark 9:2-8; Luke 9:28-36)? No iPhone pics were sent in those days!

John the Baptist and Jesus

How did the emphasis of their teachings differ between John the Baptist and Jesus?

Jesus and Judgment

Our little Bible study group is studying the Gospel of John. We struggled over 5:22 which says that "the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son." Then 8:15 where Jesus says "I judge no man." What does it mean that the Father has committed all judgment unto the Son?

Palm Sunday

Bible scholars believe there were two processions headed into Jerusalem on the same day, Palm Sunday. Did Jesus plan his Palm Sunday entry into Jerusalem as a counter procession?

Cursing the Fig Tree

Why did Jesus curse the fig tree? It seems to be the only time he did something that wasn't meant in a positive way. It doesn't bring life, or restoration; a tree gets cursed. And frankly, the tree seems to be totally without guile in this incident.

Three Wise Men

Who were the three wise men, and where did they come from?

Healing with Spittle

Why did Jesus resort to using "spittle" in several of his healings? And what good explanation is there for the healing in Mark where a blind man comes to Jesus for healing? Jesus healed him and then asked if it worked. Instead of saying, "YES," the man replied that he could see "men like trees walking."

Jesus' Family

In Matthew, why is Jesus' lineage traced back through Joseph? He wasn't the father.

Pilate and the Jews

Why did Pilate cave in to the Jews demand to crucify Jesus when he couldn't find anything wrong with him?

Vinegar on the Cross

The Bible says when Jesus was on the cross he refused the wine, so why did he later drink the vinegar?

Temple Veil

Is it true that the thickness of the veil in the temple changed from Moses' time to Jesus' day?

Way to the Father

Jesus is hours from the cross when his disciples tell him they don't know the way to the Father or who the Father is. (John 14:2-8) How can the disciples be so unprepared?

Parable of Vine and Vinedresser

Why was Jesus taking the time to talk to his disciples about grapes when he knew Judas would be returning with the soldiers?


What was so bad about the money changers? Every country has a place to exchange currency. Weren't the money changers doing their fellow Jews a service by providing the currency for the Temple?

Jesus' Parables

What is the point of Jesus' three parables about the two sons, the wicked husbandmen, and the marriage of the king's son?

Jesus' Trial

Why was Jesus brought before Annas who was an ex-high priest with no authority?

Jesus' Appearance to Mary

In the verse from John 20:17, after his resurrection, Jesus tells Mary, "Touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my Father." I always wondered what that meant.

Day Jesus Died

Is there a discrepancy between the Gospel of John and the synoptics regarding the date Jesus died?

Prophecy about Jesus' Birth

In Isaiah 7:14 it states, "Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel." Do these words refer to Jesus?

Jesus' Family

I want to know why in Matt 1:18-20 Mary and Joseph are engaged in verse 18, he wants to divorce her (put her away privily) in verse 19 and she is considered his wife in verse 20. How could he seek a divorce from someone to whom he was only engaged?

The Lord's Prayer

I was recently asked at our VBS program a question about the Lord's Prayer that I was unsure how to answer. We were using a curriculum that taught the Lord's Prayer as it is in the King James Version of the Bible. One of the parents, however, said that the verse found in Matthew 6:12 should read trespasses and trespassers instead of debts and debtors. I have a King James Bible also that says debts and debtors but I can also recall hearing the Lord's Prayer with the trespasses and trespassers. I know that it boils down to forgiveness; however, what would explain the difference of terms used?

Jesus' Ministry

When Did Jesus First Know He Had a Special Mission?

Jesus' Family

How many siblings did Jesus have?

Judas' Betrayal

Was Judas really a traitor and betrayer of Jesus?