John, the Apostle

By Mary Jane Chaignot

Categories: Gospel of John, New Testament


As a Sunday school assignment, I'm to find interesting information and healings of John, Jesus' apostle. If you could send me some information that would be great! Thank you for this great web-site.
Amanda, 12 years old.


Amanda, so as not to rob you of the joy of discovery nor get in trouble with your Sunday School teacher, I propose to bullet my responses and allow you the opportunity to find the source material to back it up. There will be a few hints.

  • John is believed to be the youngest of Jesus' disciples.
  • John and his brother, James, were disciples of John the Baptist before becoming Jesus' disciples. (John 1:19-51)
  • John and James were known as the sons of Zebedee.
  • Jesus nicknamed John and James "Sons of Thunder." (Mark 3:17)
  • They both were fishermen.
  • John and James' mother was the sister to Jesus' mother making them all first cousins.
  • When Jesus is on the cross, he asks John to take care of his mother, Mary.
  • John was one of the three apostles closest to Jesus. (Mark 5:37, Matt 17:1 Matt. 26:37)
  • Peter and John heal a lame beggar at the gate of the temple. (Acts 3:1-11)
  • Some research suggests John was boiled in oil twice and didn't die. He was later exiled to the island of Patmos. (This is much harder to find.)

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