One of the most compelling and comprehensive Bible stories about true Fatherhood is commonly called "The Prodigal Son." In this thought-boggling story, a father expresses such unconditional and eternal love for his two wayward sons — one who leaves home only to lose everything of value, the other who stays home only to lose everything of value: their perspective, vision, and purpose as sons of God. With each reading of this story, we are reminded that the source of this love is — can only be — God. Fathering demands the strength of Samson, the courage of David, the persistence of Jacob, the tenderness of Joseph…in effect, the unchanging love of God to inspire, guide, guard, and govern each and every father in his "parenting" journey.

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The Prodigal Son
Read Luke 15:11-32

Jesus loved Children
Read Matt 18:1-6; Matt 19:13-15

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  • Father's Day - The more we come to know God as our one, consistent and everlasting Father, the more we will see and feel all the good and wonderful fathering qualities in our lives.
  • A Fathers' Day Story about Two Sons - The story of the Prodigal Son sheds light on fatherhood as much as on the role of two very different children. It relates to all of us, parents and children, because God is our ultimate Parent.
  • Lovingly Parenting Anyone Who Needs It - Trusting God, our primary parent, who simply, purely, wholly loves every single one of His children, we are able to help any child of God in times of great need.
  • Moved by Love, Not Anger - Ever gotten angry about your child pushing boundaries? You're not alone. But there's a better way.
  • Parenting and Spiritual Poise - Spiritual poise helps us realize that God is the true Father and Mother of our children and ourselves which assists us in responding to each situation with love.

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