The Gospel of Mark

The gospel of Mark might be shorter than those of Matthew and Luke, but it is the most compelling of the three because it is the first to have been written; it is a well-written literary document; and, most important of all, it inspires the reader to a deeper understanding and practice of discipleship.

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Healings in the Gospel of Mark
Read Mark 1, 2, and 5

The Budding Fig Tree
Read Mark 13:28-32

The Watchful Servants
Read Mark 13:33-37

The Patched Garment and The Old Wineskins
Read Mark 2: 21-22

The Strong Man Despoiled
Read Mark 3:27

The Light Under a Bushel
Read Mark 4:21-22

What Defiles a Person?
Read Mark 7:14-23

The Divided Kingdom
Read Mark3:22-26

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Holy Land Tours

  • Bethsaida - Jesus teaches about the kingdom of heaven, Jesus feeds the multitude
  • Galilee - Jesus calms the storm, Jesus walks on the water, story of the morning meal after Jesus' resurrection
  • Mount Tabor - Jesus' transfiguration on the mountain

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Questions and Answers — Bible Study

  • Author of Mark's Gospel - When Peter escaped from prison (see Acts 12) he went to the home of "Mary, mother of John also called Mark, where many people were praying." Is this the same Mark who wrote the Gospel of Mark?
  • Healing with Spittle - Why did Jesus resort to using "spittle" in several of his healings? And what good explanation is there for the healing in Mark where a blind man comes to Jesus for healing? Jesus healed him and then asked if it worked. Instead of saying, "YES," the man replied that he could see "men like trees walking."
  • Herodians - In several places in the Gospels we read about Herodians. Who were these people?
  • Syrophoenician Woman - In the story of the Syrophoenician woman, Jesus states, "It is not right to take the children's bread and toss it to their dogs." (Mark 7:24ff) I've heard people interpret this in several ways. What is your take on it?

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