Overview of New Testament Healings

By Mary Jane Chaignot

Categories: Gospel of John, Gospel of Luke, Gospel of Mark, Gospel of Matthew, Men in the New Testament, Old Testament / New Testament, Women in the New Testament

  • What is healing?
  • What does the Holy Spirit, kingdom of heaven, faith, forgiveness, love, and prayer have to do with healing?

This is a chronological chart of healings found in the New Testament. Some scholars divide healings into types or groups: exorcisms, physical healings, resurrections, environment, economy, accidents, and relationships. How would you classify each healing?

As you study the context of each healing, please note the "who, what, when, where, why, and how" of each event.

New Testament Healing
Healing Matthew Mark Luke John
Zachariah and Elisabeth to be parents of John the Baptist     1:5-25,57  
Zachariah's speech returns     1:58-80  
Finding Jesus at the temple     2:41-52  
Jesus' Healings Galilean Ministry
Healing Matthew Mark Luke John
Water into wine       2:1-11
In KJV this is listed as a miracle, but other translations list it as a "sign." The New Interpreter's Bible (NIB) says the signs result in the faith of those who witnessed it. The first Cana sign revealed Jesus' glory.
Nobleman's son       4:46-54
The NIB writes that the second sign reveals Jesus ability to give life.
Draught of fish     5:1-11  
Demonic on Sabbath   1:21-28 4:33-37  
Peter's mother-in-law 8:14,15 1:29-31 4:38,39  
Jesus' Healings
Healing Matthew Mark Luke John
Leper 8:2-4 1:40-45 5:12-14  
Paralytic 9:2-8 2:1-12 5:17-26  
Infirm man – Pool of Bethesda       5:1-15
Withered hand 12:9-13 3:1-5 6:6-10  
Multitudes healed 12:15 3:7-12 6:17-19  
Centurion's servant 8:5-13   7:1-10  
Raising of widow's son     7:11-16  
A sinful woman forgiven –Simon's house     7:36-50  
Blind and dumb man 12:22-29   11:14  
Sea quieted 8:23-27 4:37-41 8:22-25  
Gadarene demonic 8:28-34 5:1-19 8:26-39  
Jairus' Daughter 9:18,19;23-25 5:22-24, 35-43 8:41,42, 49-56  
Woman with issue of blood 9:20-22 5:25-34 8:43-48  
Two blind men 9:27-31      
Dumb demonic 9:32-33      
5000 fed (Jews) 14:13-21 6:34-44 9:10-17 6:1-14
Quiets storm; walks on water 14:22-33 6:45-51   6:15-21
Sick at Gennesaret 14:34-36 6:53-56    
Syro-Phoenician's daughter 15:21-28 7:24-30    
Feeds 4000 (Gentiles) 15:32-38 8:1-9    
Deaf and speech impediment   7:32-37    
Blind man   8:22-26    
Epileptic 17:14-21 9:17-29 9:38-43  
Tax money from fish 17:24-27      
Adulterous woman       8:2-11
Congenital blindness   8:22-26    
Woman bowed together     13:10-16  
Dropsy     14:1-6  
Lazarus raised       11:1-45
Ten lepers     17:12-19  
Blind Bartimaeus   10:46-52 18:35-43  
Zacchaeus     19:1-10  
Malchus' ear restored 26:51-52 14:46,47 22:49-51 18:10-11
Jesus' resurrection 28:1-10 16:1-8 24:1-11 20:1-17
Healings of Disciples and Apostles
Healing Matthew Mark
Lame beggar Peter and John 3:1-11
Sick gathered in the street Peter 5:12-16
Wonders and miracles Stephen 6:8
Insane, paralyzed, lame Philip 8:5-8
Paul blinded Ananias 9:10-18
Aeneas – palsy (8 years) Peter 9:32-35
Tabitha (Dorcas) raised Peter 9:36-42
Peter escapes prison Members of church 12:1,5-17
Man who never walked Paul 14:8-10
Paul survives stoning Disciples 14:19,20
Damsel with spirit of divination Paul 16:16-18
Paul and Silas freed from prison Paul and Silas 16:19-40
Eutychus raised Paul 20:7-12
Saved from shipwreck Paul 27:1,2,18-22, 35-44
Viper sting Paul 28:1-6
Publius' father fever & hemorrhage Paul 28:7-9
Epaphroditus Paul Phil 2:5,12,25-27


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