Bible Characters – Women in the Early Church


Ampliatus was likely a Roman slave.

Andronicus and Junias

Paul wrote that Andronicus and Junias were Christians even before he was one!


Sarah's egyptian maid becomes the mother to Abraham's first son Ishmael.


Persis was a Persian lady who worked hard.


Phoebe was a wealthy Christian who was entrusted with carrying Paul's letter to the Romans.

Thecla, Theocleia, Thamyris

Thecla was so enamored with Paul's preaching at her mother Theoclia's house that she broke off her engagement to Thamyris. After being spurned, Thamyris was so angry that he had him thrown in jail. Find out what happens next!

Tryphaena and Tryphosa

These two sisters were of aristocratic descent who left their easy life behind to promote the cause of Christianity.

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