Bible Characters – Women in the New Testament


Anna was a pious prophet who lived in the temple.


Elizabeth was obedient to God's commands throughout her life.


Mary discovered that all things are possible with God.

Mary and Martha

These sisters provided a teachable moment when Martha asked Jesus to ask Mary to come help her serve the guests. Both are present when Jesus raises Lazarus from death, too.

Mary Magdalene

Controversy over who Mary Magdalene was abounds, but everyone can agree that she was important to Jesus.

Overview of New Testament Healings

This is a chronological chart of healings found in the New Testament.

The Syrophoenician Woman

A pagan woman implores Jesus to heal her daughter, and he does.

The Women Named Salome

There are two women named Salome in the Bible—one who followed Jesus, and one who was a seductive princess.

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