Bible Characters – Early Christianity


Athanasius is known as the "Father of Orthodoxy." He made the official list of which books should be included in the New Testament.


Docetism was a refinement of Gnosticism. Its followers believed that Jesus' body was an illusion and that he was wholly spiritual.

The Ebionites

The Ebionates were early followers of Jesus who believed he was the Messiah the Jewish people had expected to come.


Eusebius lived when Constantine persecuted and martyred many Christians. Thankfully he survived and went on to write a thorough history of the early Church. He also passionately spoke against the discrimination of the Arians.

First Century Gnosticism

The Gnostics believe matter was evil and spirit was good.

The Jerusalem Council

The Jerusalem Council decided whether the Jews who were becoming Christians would need to be circumcised to convert completely.

The Manichaeans

Manichaeism, a popular religion in the fifth century, was about the battle between light and darkness, evil and good.

Paul's Opponents

Conflict arose because of the question of whether Gentiles needed to be circumcised to be full Christians, since the Jews were always required to be circumcised. Paul was on the side that said the Gentiles didn't need to be circumcised.

Second Generation Paulinists

Paulinists studied Paul and his followers' writings. They thought of Jesus as a redeemer and great reconciler.

Simon Magnus

Simon and Peter were intense rivals until Simon challenged Peter's authority and fell out of the sky.

St. Jerome

Jerome's most important contribution to Christianity was the Vulgate translation. He is known as the patron saint of librarians and translators.


Valentinus was an eloquent man who wrote extensively about his theological beliefs, which include many elements of Gnosticism.

Bible Characters