Bible Characters – Apostolic Fathers

The Apostolic Fathers

The Apostolic Fathers are considered a link between the apostles and later generations of Christians.

Clement of Alexandria

Clement was known as the first systematic theologian. He mediated between the Gnostics and orthodox Christians, which helped Christianity spread widely.

Hippolytus of Rome

Hippolytus was the first antipope who loved to debate Christian theology.


Iraneus was a bishop who wrote extensively whose ideas were fundamental to early Christian theology, particularly orthodoxy, which was in direct opposition to Gnosticism.


Origen was one of the most influential thinkers when it came to spiritualizing or allegorizing bibilical texts. He also created a Bible with six translations listed side-by-side, a format that many still use for Bible study today.


rtullian was a brave defender of Christianity, often writing pointed, sarcastic letters to Rome, calling for an end to the persecution of Christians.

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