Bible Characters – Patriarchs

Abraham (Genesis 11:27-12:20)

God suddenly tells Abraham to move his family to Canaan. After a long journey, they arrive to find people already living there, but God appears again and tells him that his descendents will inhabit it. A famine comes, so they travel further south to Egypt. They meet the Pharoah's men and Abraham tricks them by saying he's Sarah's brother. They give him lots of expensive gifts in exchange for Sarah, who joins Pharoah's harem. But then everyone gets sick and they realize something is amiss. Abraham's lie is revealed, Sarah is kicked out, and both leave Egypt safely.

Abraham (Genesis 13)

Abraham and Lot are blessed with lots of silver, gold, cattle, and other riches, but since they are living right next to each other, their servants begin to fight, presumably over water and grazing issues. Abraham tells Lot he can choose whatever land he wants, and he chooses to go live outside the Promised Land. Again, God promises Abraham he will have many descendents and plenty of land to support them.

Abraham (Genesis 14)

Abraham gets involved in a dispute between two groups of kings, wins a battle, and then a priest, Melchizedek, generously provides a feast for him, reminding him that his mission is spiritual, not militaristic.

Abraham (Genesis 15)

When Abraham worries about not having an heir, God reassures him, promising that he would have as many descendents as there are stars in the sky.

Abraham (Genesis 16)

Sarah tells Abraham to impregnate her servant, Hagar, since she is barren. Hagar gets pregnant right away and Sarah immediately becomes jealous. Hagar flees but is stopped by an angel, who gives her hope and convinces her to return.

Abraham (Genesis 17)

God blesses Abram and Sarai by changing their names to Abraham and Sarah.

Abraham (Genesis 18:1-15)

Strangers (God's messengers) visit Abraham and Sarah, say that they will be back in a year, and let them know that Sarah will have a baby in her arms by then. She laughs with surprise and joy!

Abraham (Genesis 18:16-33)

Abraham talks with God about the people of Sodom. He says there must be at least a few righteous people there, despite the depravity of the majority. Abraham asks God to consider saving some Sodomites, and He agrees.

Abraham (Genesis 19)

Angels save Lot and his daughters when God destroys the city of Sodom. Lot's wife would have been saved, too, had she not looked back as the angels were leading her away to safety.

Abraham (Genesis 20)

Abraham plays a trick on Abimelech by saying his wife Sarah is his sister. Thankfully, Abimelech realizes what's going on, confronts Abraham about his lie, and returns Sarah without touching her. This sequence of events is suspiciously similar to those in Genesis 12, involving Pharoah in that instance.

Abraham (Genesis 21)

Sarah and Abraham joyously welcome Isaac into their family, despite their old ages. But Sarah's jealousy forces Abraham to send Hagar and her son, Ishmael, out into the wilderness. God preserves them there and she goes on to have many descendents.

Abraham (Genesis 21b)

Abraham and Abimelech make a deal about rights to a well called Beersheba, giving Abraham full ownership of the water. Abraham makes the land around it his permanent home.

Abraham (Genesis 22:1-2)

This is the climax of Abraham's story where he is asked by God to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac.

Abraham (Genesis 22:3-8)

Abraham and Isaac continue their journey up the hill preparing for the sacrifice. When Isaac questions Abraham, he assures his son God will provide a lamb for the sacrifice.

Abraham (Genesis 22:9-19)

When Abraham put forth his hand to slay his son, the angel said, "Do not put forth your hand against the young man, do not do anything to him." Isaac is safe.

Abraham and His Family

Abraham was willing to listen to God and obey him. Abraham was a prophet. He performed the first healing in the Bible. He died at age 175.


Isaac the son of Abraham and Sarah, He married Rebekah and Jacob and Esau's father.


Jacob was the younger twin. He eventually dominated his brother, Esau and stole Esau's blessing.


Jacob's beloved wife Rachel died after giving birth to Benjamin. Jacob dearly loved Joseph, and showed favoritism towards him, thus separating his sons.

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