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  1. Trace Jacob's journey in red. Start with his home town. (Gen. 28:10)

  2. Place a small star (*) where Jacob dreamed about a ladder with angels on it. (Gen. 28:11-19)

  3. What was the name of that city before Jacob renamed it? _________________

  4. Draw a pillar of stones in this place.

  5. What did Jacob learn about God? (Gen. 28:16)

  6. Draw a heart on the city where Jacob met Rachel. (Gen. 29:4-6)

  7. Place a circle around the spot where Jacob wrestled. (Gen. 32:24-30)

  8. Draw a square on the place Jacob built a house. (Gen. 33:17)

  9. Draw a triangle on the place Jacob and his family finally settled. (Gen. 33:18)

  10. Put an "I" on the city where Israel's father lived. (Gen. 46:1)
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