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Hannah Gives Her Child to God (click picture to see larger Print Version)

Hannah Gives Her Child to God
1 Samuel 1:1-2:11

Hannah was sad because she had no children. She had a good husband who loved her, but still she cried because she wanted a child.

Every year, Hannah and her husband went to the tabernacle to worship God. During one of their visits, Hannah prayed, "Lord, please give me a son, and I will give him back to You to serve You all the days of his life."

God heard Hannah's prayer, and gave her a son. She named him Samuel because she had asked God for him.

Hannah was a good mother and taught Samuel about God. She prepared him for serving in the tabernacle. When he was old enough, she took Samuel to the priest at the tabernacle and said, "I prayed for this child, and God gave him to me. I promised I would give the child back to the Lord, and now I give him to serve God all of his life."

Samuel grew up and served God in the tabernacle and became a wise leader who did many great things for the nation of Israel.

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