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Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem
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Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem

When the Babylonians attacked Israel and took the people away to become servants and slaves in Babylon, the soldiers destroyed the walls that surrounded the city of Jerusalem.

Seventy years later, God let the people of Israel become free again so they could return to their own country. However, when they arrived back in Jerusalem they saw a sad sight: The city walls had all been destroyed.

Nehemiah, a wise leader who loved God, went to King Artaxerxes of Persia and asked for help in rebuilding the city walls. King Artaxerxes was glad to help Nehemiah.

At first the people of Israel were discouraged. They thought it would be too hard to repair the walls. But Nehemiah did not give up. He got everyone to help. People took turns working on the wall and protecting the city from attackers. They finished building the whole wall in 52 days!

Can you find your way through the stones on the wall and get to the birds?

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