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Hi Kids! The Bible is an excellent handbook on how to live life, love good, and rely on God. The stories this month cover four kings who trusted God.
Young readers: Read – Solomon; Solomon Asks to Be Wise; Solomon Builds the Temple; Joash Repairs the Temple; Shep and Lily — King Joash; Shep and Lily — King Josiah; and
A Boy King.
Older readers: Read – Solomon Becomes King; God Gives Solomon a Gift; Solomon Builds the Temple; Joash, the Boy King; Joash Repairs the Temple; The Little Boy who was Crowned King; Josiah and the Forgotten Book; and Good King Jehoshaphat.
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For Younger Kids


Solomon Asks to Be Wise

Solomon Builds the Temple

Joash Repairs the Temple

Shep and Lily — King Joash

Shep and Lily — King Josiah

A Boy King

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