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  Abraham and Sarah  
Read about Abraham's life and his relevance today, and Sarah's contribution as a Matriarch.

Adult and Teen Informative Articles

Living with the Bible
  Like Abraham, Let's Make God Our #1 Relationship (by Marjorie Eddington)
  God Revealed as Seen Through Abraham's Eyes … and Ours
  Dr. Rod Barto (Spacecraft Digital Electronics) - "As Abraham discovered who God was, wandering in a sense, I discovered who God was."
Bible Overview
  Bible Characters - Abraham and His Family
  Bible Characters - Sarah (Abraham's Wife)
  What do we know about Hagar?
  Bible Overview - Genesis
  Why did Noah, Abraham, Sarah and others live so long? Noah starts building an ark at 480 years of age. Sarah gives birth to a son at age 90. Are these real ages?
  Why in Gen 25:1 is Keturah called Abraham's wife and in Gen 25:6 she is called his concubine?
  Compare Matthew and Luke's different interpretations of The Nativity
Teen Time - Hot Topics
  For Teens: Practical Tips on Relationships
Teen Time - Make a Difference
  For Teens: Like Abraham, you can be a peacemaker, friend, and healer
Teen Time - Questions and Answers
  Why should I follow God when He doesn’t give me enough of an explanation?
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