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  Jesus' Birth (The Nativity)  
Jesus birth is one of the most important stories in the Bible. Children and teens should learn the story of Jesus’ birth by heart. Regular discussion or reminder of what Christmas is will help us all value and enjoy its true meaning.

Adult and Teen Informative Articles

  The Story of the Nativity
Genelle Austin-Lett tells the story of the Nativity for parents and Sunday school teachers to learn more about this blessed event.
Bible Overview
  The women of the Nativity: Elizabeth, Anna, and Mary by Mary Jane Chaignot
  The Nativity
  Facts About Jesus' Birth
  Isaiah 7:14 it states, "Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel." Do these words refer to Jesus?
  We had considerable discussions over the holidays about when Jesus was actually born. Do scholars know? And if he wasn't born on December 25, in the year 0, how did that come to be the date it is celebrated?

Parenting with the Bible

  The True Meaning of Christmas
  Gifts for the Christ Child
  Angel Gifts are "gifts given to worthy causes "in the child's name.”
  As a family read part of the Christmas story each week 
  Find Christmas carols that tie in with the Gospel story of Jesus' birth
Living with the Bible
  Christmas Love by Marjorie Eddington
  Two King Christmas by Roberta Meyers
  Who's in the Center of Your Family? by Marjorie Eddington
  Elizabeth couldn’t have children. But God granted her wish, even in her old age. Here is the wonderful healing of barrenness and the way Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist, was brought into the world to prepare the way for the Messiah.
Teen Time - Questions and Answers
  How can we reconcile the differences in the nativity stories found in Matthew and Luke?
Teen Time - Make a Difference
  Find the Blessings this Christmas
  Express Christmas love -- love yourself and others
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