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Joseph's life gives us remarkable examples of forgiveness, persistence, and unshakable faith in God's care for His children in all circumstances.

Adult and Teen Informative Articles

Bible Overview
Bible Characters - Joseph
What was so unusual about Joseph's coat? The colors?
Who sold Joseph - the Ishmaelites or the Midianites?

Parenting with the Bible

  Forgive and Forget?
  The Bible and Bullies
Living with the Bible
  The Gift of Purity -- You're Worth It! by Marjorie Eddington
  Siblings – Friends, Not Rivals by Marjorie Foerster
  Thor Johnson finds Joseph's strength helpful in handling a challenging career
  Terry Coolidge tells how the story of Joseph has helped him in his career
  Four teenagers share inspiration they gained from the Bible in overcoming jealously
Teen Time - Questions and Answers
  I don’t like it when I feel jealous of others or others feel jealous of me. How do you stop jealousy?
Teen Time - Make a Difference
  Like Joseph, you can make the best of tough situations
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