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The gospel of Luke is the first of a two-part account of Jesus’ life and the emergence of the early Christian church. The second part is the book of Acts. Luke records more of Jesus’ healings than either Matthew or Mark, and is a vivid storyteller. His understanding of Greek and the law are highlights of this gospel, which was written primarily for new converts to Christianity, though its message remains universal and timeless.

Adult and Teen Informative Articles

Living with the Bible
  Temptation Overcome, The Story Rewritten - Shares both Matthew and Luke's versions of Jesus' overcoming temptation in the wilderness
  Thoughts about Body and Weight from the gospel of Luke
Bible Overview
  Bible Overview - Luke
  Bible Characters - A comparison of the disciples names in Matthew, Mark, Luke and Acts
  Bible Characters - John the Baptist (Luke is the only gospel that records any information about the birth of John.)
  Compare Matthew and Luke's different interpretations of The Nativity
  Women of the Nativity - Luke gives us most of our information about Mary
  Overview of New Testament Healing compares healings from the four gospels
  Overview of Jesus’ Healings compares Jesus' healings from the four gospels
  In Matthew, why is Jesus' lineage traced back through Joseph?  He wasn't the father. (A comparison of Matthew and Luke's view of Jesus' lineage.)
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