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Luke (Discussion Questions)


Prophecy Fulfilled
Read: Luke 1:5-25;57-80

Print/ Download Questions -- Prophecy Fulfilled

  • Who is Zacharias?
  • What is so important about the story of Zacharias? (Luke 1:5-25)
  • Why do you think the story of Jesus' birth starts with the story of Zacharias?
  • What was Zacharias doing when the angel appeared?
  • What did the angel tell him?
  • What happened to Zacharias?
  • Who was Zacharias’ wife?
  • When did Zacharias speak again?
  • Who is Elisabeth?
  • What is special about her?
  • Who is related to her?
  • What did people want to name her son?
  • Why did she stop them?
  • What is the name of Zacharias and Elisabeth’s baby?
  • What was the prophecy concerning John the Baptist?

Jesus’ Baptism by John
Read Luke 3:21-23

Print/ Download Questions -- Jesus’ Baptism by John

  • Describe John the Baptist
    • What did he eat?
    • What did he wear?
    • Who were his parents?
    • What was unusual about his birth?
    • What was his relationship to Jesus?
  • Where did John baptize Jesus?
  • What did John call Jesus?
  • Why didn’t John want to baptize Jesus?
  • What happened after Jesus was baptized?

Jesus’ Temptations
Read Luke 4:1-13

Print/ Download Questions -- Jesus’ Temptations

  • How many days was Jesus tempted?
  • How many days did Jesus go without food?
  • Why was Jesus fasting?
  • What were the three temptations?
  • How would you translate these temptations into modern terms? Example: Throw yourself down from the top of a building = suggestion to commit suicide. Remember all the devil could do was to suggest, he couldn’t push Jesus.
  • How do you handle temptation?

Jesus’ Healings
Read Luke 4-5 and 7-8

Print/ Download Questions -- Jesus’ Healings

  • Demons are cast out Luke 4:31-37
    • List the statements made by the man with an unclean devil.
    • How did Jesus respond?
    • What did the people think who witnessed this healing?
  • Peter’s mother-in-law was healed  Luke 4: 38,39
    • What was wrong with Peter’s mother-in-law?
    • What did Jesus do?
    • What did Peter’s mother-in-law do after she was healed?
  • A leper is cleansed Luke 5:12-15
    • What did the leper ask Jesus?
    • What did Jesus do that was so unusual to the leper? [he touched him]
    • What did Jesus tell the leper to do after he was healed?
    • Why did he have to go to the priest?
  • A paralytic is healed Luke 5:16-26
    • What is unusual about this story?
    • Did Jesus get upset about the hole in the roof?
    • What did Jesus tell the man?
  • A centurion’s servant is healed Luke 7:1-10
    • Who was sick?
    • Why doesn’t the centurion want Jesus to come to his house? [He is a Gentile and a Jew would be considered unclean if he entered his house – he is being kind and considerate]
    • Why did Jesus marvel?
    • What did Jesus tell the centurion?
    • What happened to the servant?
  • A widow’s son is raised from the dead Luke 7:11-16
    • Why did Jesus stop the funeral procession?
    • What did Jesus say to the mother? The son?
    • What did the people say when they saw the young man alive?
  • Devils cast into the swine Luke 8: 26-40
    • What is wrong with this man?
    • What does Legion mean? [6000 soldiers]
    • Why did the devils enter the swine?
    • Why do you think the swine were drowned? [Jews believed swine were unclean yet they were profiting from the herd. This was hypocritical.]
  • A woman touches Jesus Luke 8:41-48
    • What was wrong with this woman?
    • Why did she touch Jesus?
    • How long had she been ill?
    • What did Jesus call her?
    • What did Jesus say about her faith?
    • What did this woman interrupt?
  • Jairus’ daughter is raised from the dead Luke 8:49-56
    • Who is Jairus?
    • Why is he important?
    • What does he ask Jesus to do?
    • What happens as Jesus is going with Jairus?
    • How old was the daughter?
    • What happened while Jesus was talking to the other woman?
    • Why wasn’t Jesus concerned that the girl had died?
    • Who did he have to put out of the house before he could heal the daughter?
    • Why are these two stories told together?
    • What do these healings tell you about Jesus?
    • What did Jairus need for his daughter's healing?

The Blind Leading the Blind
Read Luke 6:39-45

Print/ Download Questions -- The Blind Leading the Blind

  • What does “blind leading the blind” mean?
  • What is a mote? A beam?
  • Why shouldn’t we say anything about the mote in our brother’s eye?
  • What was Jesus talking about?

Two Foundations
Read Luke 6:47-49 

Print/ Download Questions -- Two Foundations

  • What is hearing Jesus like?
  • What is not hearing Jesus like?
  • Which is a better foundation?
  • What does that say about our lives?

The Transfiguration
Read Luke 9:28-36

Print/ Download Questions -- The Transfiguration

  • Which disciples were privileged to see the transfiguration?
  • Who needed to remain quiet?
  • Who did the disciples see?
  • What is the significance of the transfiguration?
  • What was Jesus teaching his disciples?
  • What did Peter want to do?
  • Whose voice did they hear?
  • What did the voice say?

The Good Samaritan
Read Luke 10:25-37 

Print/ Download Questions -- The Good Samaritan

  • Who challenged Jesus?
  • What are the two great commandments?
  • How does Jesus define "neighbor?"
  • Who is our neighbor?
  • What kind of story does he tell the lawyer? (parable)
  • Retell the story.
    • Who might the people be today?
      • What if the injured person were someone from a different ethnic group than you? Would you stop to help?
      • Why do you think the two Jews walked away from him?
      • Describe the Samaritan.
      • Why was it so unusual for him to stop and tend to the man's wounds?
      • What did the lawyer learn from this parable?
      • What lessons did you learn from this parable?
      • How can we all express more compassion and care for one another?

The Lost Sheep
Read Luke 15: 3-7

Print/ Download Questions -- The Lost Sheep

  • Explain this parable.
  • If you had 100 sheep and one was missing, would you go look for it?
  • Who was going to watch the 99 sheep while the shepherd was gone?
  • What does this story tell us about God’s love for us?

The Lost Coin
Read Luke 15: 8-10 

Print/ Download Questions -- The Lost Coin

  • Explain this parable.
  • What is Jesus talking about?
  • How many silver coins did this woman have?
  • Why was it so important that she find the silver coin? [It was all she had left of her dowry]
  • What is a dowry?
  • Why did she ask her neighbors to celebrate with her? [It was the custom in those days for her to tell everyone it was lost. If they had been in her home, they would be suspect, so when she finds the coin, all her neighbors are relieved and filled with joy themselves.]
  • Why is this parable important for the people Jesus talked to? To Us?
  • What does the coin have to do with salvation?

The Prodigal Son
Read Luke 15:11-32

Print/ Download Questions -- The Prodigal Son

  • Explain this parable.
  • Why does the younger son want his share of the inheritance?
  • What does he do with the money?
  • What’s happening in the land?
  • Where does he go to work?
  • How awful is it for a Jew to be feeding swine?
  • What thought came to him?
  • How did his father receive him?
  • Why was he so happy to see him?
  • How did his older brother feel about the party?
  • What do these last three parables tell us about God’s love for us?

Ten Lepers
Read Luke 17:11-19

Print/ Download Questions -- Ten Lepers

  • What is this healing about?
  • What did these ten men ask Jesus to do?
  • What is leprosy?
  • What did the men have to do when they were within six feet of people? [Ring a bell and shout “Leper.”]
  • Being a leper was very lonely because they could no longer live with their families. What did Jesus say to them?
  • Why did Jesus send them to the priest? [The priest had to declare they were clean and could re-enter society]
  • Were the men healed?
  • Who returned to give thanks?
  • Why didn’t the other 9 turn back to thank Jesus?
  • Do we sometimes forget to thank people when they help us?
  • Do you remember to thank God when He helps you?
  • Why is it important to give thanks to God?
  • Why don’t we do it more often?
  • For what things are you grateful?

Visit with Zacchaeus
Read Luke 19:2-10

Print/ Download Questions -- Visit with Zaccheus

  • What did Zacchaeus do wrong?
  • Why didn’t people like him?
  • Why was Zacchaeus so interested in Jesus?
  • Who forgave Zacchaeus?
  • What did Zacchaeus promise to do?
  • Who are some of the people in society that are looked down on because of their skin color, occupation, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or what they’ve done right or wrong?
  • How do you feel about forgiveness?
  • Are there some people we just don’t forgive?
  • What do we do about not being able to forgive?  You might read last month’s Guest of the Month Immacculee Ilibagiza.  She had to forgive big time.  Her mom and dad, grandparents, two brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends were murdered by Hutus who thought they were better Tutsis.  That’s almost like getting rid of all brown-eyed people because they don’t have blue eyes. 
  • How can we stop hatred?
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