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  Joash, Josiah, Jehoshaphat  
Joash, Josiah and Jehoshaphat shared a conviction that obedience to one God was the key to good fortune, happiness, health, and power. Each one of these three kings strived to put their kingdoms in good order - to live by the laws of God. Each one faced fierce challenges to their trust in God and to their humility as powerful kings. They were not always successful, but they learned invaluable lessons along the way - as we all can in our own lives.

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Puzzles, Mazes, Coloring, etc.
Ask God for Help - A large army is coming to attack King Jehoshaphat color the men to find out what he does.
Obey God's Word - Decipher the puzzle to find out what King Josiah finds when he rebuilds the temple
Coloring Page - Seven year old King Joash
Restore the Temple - Use the code to discover how the people reacted to King Joash's proclamation
The King's Quiz - Answer questions about king's Joash, Josiah, Jehoshaphat, and Solomon
The Lost Book - Follow the maze of letters to find out what happened when King Josiah ordered the temple to be cleaned
The Young King - Use the code to answer questions about young Joash when he became King of Judah
Hidden Kings - Find the twelve hidden kings of the divided Israel in this fun word search..
Bible Stories and Discussion Questions (read online and lookup in your Bible)
  Joash is Hidden
Read 2 Chronicle 24:4-11
     •  Joash Repairs the Temple (younger children)
     •  Shep and Lily — Lessons from Joash (younger children)
     •  Joash, the Boy King (older children / teens)
     •  Joash Repairs the Temple (older children / teens)
     •  Discussion Questions
  Josiah Discovers the Law
Read 2 Chronicles 34-35
     •  A Boy King (younger children)
     •  Shep and Lily — Lessons from Josiah (younger children)
     •  The Little Boy Who Was Crowned King (older children / teens)
     •  Josiah and the Forgotten Book (older children / teens)
     •  Discussion Questions
  Jehoshaphat Prays for Deliverance From His Enemies
Read 2 Chronicles 20:1-32
     •  Good King Jehoshaphat (older children / teens)
     •  Discussion Questions
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