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Ruth is an inspiring story of friendship and courage -- of a young woman’s selfless love for others.

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Puzzles, Mazes, Coloring, etc.
A Loyal Friend - Fill in the crossword with names from the story of Ruth
Ruth: A Faithful Daughter-in-Law - Read the story of Ruth and find your
                                                              way through the maze
Ruth Word Search
Message from Boaz - Fill in the missing vowels to decipher Boaz's                                         instructions to Ruth
Spot the Difference - Find ten differences between the two pictures of Boaz                                       marrying Ruth
A Legal Matter - Decode the message to find out how the book of Ruth
                             says legal transactions were conducted in biblical times
Coloring Page - Ruth in the fields
Online Crossword Puzzle - Ruth
Bible Stories and Discussion Questions (read online and lookup in your Bible)

Read Ruth
     •  Ruth and Naomi (preschool children)
     •  Ruth (younger children)
     •  Naomi and Ruth (younger children)
     •  Shep and Lily - Lessons We Can Learn from Ruth (younger children)
     •  How Ruth Gleaned in the Field of Boaz (older children / teens)
     •  The Young Woman Who Forsook Idols to Serve God (older children          / teens)  
     •  Discussion Questions

Listen to Bible Stories (online)
  Tour of the Holy Lands - Megiddo (The story of Ruth and Boaz's marriage)
Living with the Bible
  A teenager found Ruth to be a helpful example as she prayed to stop being jealous of her friends’ volleyball abilities and to feel capable herself, finally grateful for her own accomplishments
Bible Overview
  Bible Characters - Ruth and Naomi
  Bible Overview - Ruth
  At the end of the story of Ruth, it appears that Naomi owns some land that Boaz is willing to sell for her. If she had this land all along, why didn’t she sell it earlier and save herself a lot of trouble?
  What are festal scrolls and what is the Festival of Weeks? (mentioned in Ruth)
Teen Time - Make a Difference
  Like Ruth, you can build a new life with God
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