Early Christian Church

It wasn't easy to start a church from scratch, especially when the leader had ascended! But that's what the disciples and apostles went on to do after Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection — after they had been convinced that Jesus had spoken and taught the truth about God and his covenant with man. In fact, it was the Holy Spirit pouring forth ideas and impetus that enabled these early believers to teach, preach, and heal — to slowly but surely, through sacrifice as well as transformation, establish a church foundation.

Kids and Sunday School Resources

Projects and Activities

  • Map of Paul's Journeys - Print the map and circle the cities Paul, Barnabus, and Silas visited
  • Peter, Philip, Paul - Determine if each statement is about Peter (Pt), Philip (Ph), Paul (Pl), more than one, or All (A).

Fun and Games

Read a Story

Simon the Disciple
Read Acts 1:13

Peter and John Heal the Lame Man
Read Acts 3:1-11

Philip and the Ethiopian
Read Acts 8:27-40

Saul's Conversion
Read Acts 9:1-22

Peter Heals Aeneas
Read Acts 9:32-35

Peter Raises Dorcas
Read Acts 9:32-35

Read Acts 10

Barnabas and Paul
Read Acts 11-13, Galatians 5:7

Peter in Prison
Read Acts 12:3-18

Paul Heals a Cripple
Read Acts 14:6-18

Paul Stoned
Read Acts 14:19-25

Paul at Corinth
Read Acts 18:1-22

Ephesus (Part 2)
Read Acts 19:8-12; 13-20; 23-41; Revelation 2:1-7

Paul Raises Eutychus
Read Acts 20:7-12

Paul's Trials
Read Acts 23:12-33; 25; 26

Paul's Shipwreck
Read Acts 27

Read Colossians 1-4 (Advice to Three Churches); Col 1:7 (Epaphras); Col 4:12 (Epaphras)

Letters to Seven Churches
Read Rev 1:20; 2:1-11; 3:1-22

Holy Land Tours

  • Alexandria Troas - Church members meet weekly at a member's house for fellowship, dinner and praising God, the story of Paul healing Eutychus
  • Cappadocia - Christians built underground cities to stay safe from the attacks of the Romans
  • Colossae - How grain was harvested in Bible times, Colossae fruits and rules for picking fruit in Biblical times, Epaphras started the church in Colossae
  • Derbe - Crippled man let down through the roof, Paul and Barnabas preach, establishment of early Christian churches
  • Ephesus (Part 1) - Paul meets Priscilla and Aquilla in Corinth and learns tent-making, Priscilla, Aquilla and Paul travel to Ephesus, Priscilla and Aquilla start a church in their house and meet Apollos, they teach Apollos about the Messiah, Paul preaches in Ephesus, kids learn about frescoes and mosaics
  • Ephesus (Part 2) - Some people try to convince others that healing happens through magic, The Sons of Sceva come to Ephesus, Paul preaches there is only one power, Paul also address the issue of gods and goddesses again saying there is only one God, letter from the Apostle John to the Epshesian church
  • From Delphi to Olympia - Traveling to Olympia we learn about the Olympics and Paul's letters which compare life as a Christian to athletic activities
  • Hierapolis - Paul's letter to Hierapolis, secret wagon wheel symbol Christians used to identify themselves to other Christians
  • Iconium - Paul and Barnabas preach and heal,
  • Laodicea - The apostle John's letter to Laodicea, church members ways in Laodicea
  • Letters to Seven Churches - Comparison of Paul and John's letters, seven churches John wrote to
  • Lystra (Timothy) - The story of Paul and Timothy, Paul's letters in the 1st and 2nd Timothy
  • Meteora - The monks of Meteora put their faith in God above all else and save Christianity for themselves and the Greeks.
  • Miletus - Paul meets with elders of church in Miletus
  • Pamphylia - Paul and Barnabas preach and help Christians start churches, visits to Roman theaters
  • Paul's Invitation to Greece - Paul and Silas go to Greece to preach the message of Jesus Christ and help followers set up new Christian churches
  • Pergamum - Background on how early books were created, King of Pergamum's library, Paul and John write to the churches, discussion of pagan gods, the temple of Asclepius for healing, doctors of ancient times
  • Philadelphia - City of brotherly love, the Apostle John's letter to Philadelphia
  • Philemon - The story of Philemon the slaveholder and Onesimus, Onesimus escapes and find Paul in prison, Onesimus becomes a Christian and helps Paul
  • Pisidian Antioch - Paul preaches a sermon about the Children of Israel, King Saul, King David and Jesus, the Jews are angry because Gentiles are allowed in their synagogue, the angry Jews throw Paul and Barnabas out of the city
  • Sardis - King Croesus declares war on Cyrus and Cyrus takes over Sardis, John writes a letter encouraging the Christians there to stay faithful
  • Smyrna - Different capital designs, Smyrna is a new city built on top of an old city, John tells Christians he knows of their persecutions, Polycarp (a famous Christian) loses his life
  • Syrian Antioch - Followers of Christ teach the pagan community, Barnabas preaches to the Gentiles, Barnabas meets up with Paul and they preach together
  • Thyatira - Business and trade guilds, Lydia and her purple dyes, Jezebel tries to get peole to worship her gods instead of the one God, John warns the Christians about Jezebel

Adult and Teen Resources

Questions and Answers — Bible Study

  • Slavery in the Bible - Why didn't Paul and the early Church do more to abolish slavery? After all, it was Paul who said repeatedly that all were equal in Christ. Yet, it appears that he at least condoned slavery — a system whereby people of power had dominion over weaker individuals. It's as though God, Himself, established and sanctioned this world order.
  • What if the revolt of 70 CE hadn't happened? - Might Christianity be different, less Pauline, if the revolt of 70 CE hadn't taken place and the Jerusalem church had a stronger voice?

Books of the Bible — Bible Study