Solomon is King David's son and becomes king at a very young age. In response to God's invitation to, "ask me for whatever you want," Solomon requests wisdom and knowledge to help him govern the people. God is so pleased with Solomon's answer that he gives him wisdom beyond measure as well as riches and honor. Following King David's wishes, King Solomon builds a great temple to honor God.

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Solomon Becomes King
Read 1 Kings 1

Solomon's Wisdom
Read 1 Kings 3

Building the Temple
Read 1 Kings 6:1 - 38

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  • Solomon - (told by Genelle Austin-Lett)

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Guests — Everyday Living

  • Jeanne Sparks, Horsewoman - Jeanne Sparks talks about the heart connection with a horse, how true communications happens mentally, how horses and people communicate through body language.

Parenting — Everyday Living

  • A Treasure Hunt - Ecclesiastes is full of wise advice on how to attain the best in life — all of which starts with putting God first. See how many verses you can find that remind us of the true substance of a good life.

Book Reviews — Everyday Living

  • The Legacy Journey - Finances are personal, but there's nothing more intimate than consulting the Scriptures and talking finances with God. Dave Ramsey's "The Legacy Journey" outlines practical ways to save and explores the biblical view of wealth.

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