Hannah and Samuel

Samuel's mother, Hannah, promised God that if He gave her a child, she would give her child to God. From early childhood, Samuel listened to and followed God's voice. As an adult, Samuel became a prophet to all of Israel.

Kids and Sunday School Resources

Fun and Games

  • Coloring Page - Samuel Talking to God
  • Hannah Gives Her Child to God - Read the story of Hannah and Samuel and then find your way through the maze
  • How David Became King - Read the story of how David was chosen to be King. Fill in the blanks using the words in the word bank.
  • Israel's First King - Read the story of Samuel and Saul and then find your way through the crown maze
  • Math Code (Samuel) - Complete the equations to reveal the quote from Samuel.
  • Saul, a Witch, and a Spirit - Use the word bank to fill in the blanks and learn about SAul and the witch of Endor.
  • Which Spirit was Summoned? - Read the story in I Samuel. Draw the spirit that the Witch of Endor summoned for Saul and write his name.
  • Who Said It? - Read the story in 1 Samuel 3. Color the speech cloud yellow if God was the speaker. Color the speech cloud orange if the speaker was Samuel. Color the speech cloud green if the speaker was Eli.

Read a Story

David's Anointing
Read 1 Samuel 16

Saul's Anointing
Read 1 Samuel 9-15

Hannah and Samuel
Read I Samuel 1 & 2

Samuel Hears a Voice in the Night
Read I Samuel 3

Eli's Sons and the Ark of the Covenant
Read I Samuel 4

Listen to a Story

Adult and Teen Resources

Parenting — Everyday Living

  • Celebrating Motherhood - Hannah is an outstanding example of mothering qualities and abiding grace! She trusts God to care for both Samuel, her absent son, and herself, a long-distance mom.
  • Lessons from a Little Boy - Reading the story of Samuel together, families can share in the adventure as well as gain helpful insight to values and character traits from which all of us can learn.

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