Gospel of Matthew

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The Sower and the Seeds
Read Matthew 13:1-23

A Man Sowing Good Seed
Read Matthew 13:24-30

Mustard Seed
Read Matthew 13:31-32

Treasure Hid in a Field
Read Matthew 13:44

Merchant Seeking Goodly Pearls
Read Matthew 13:45

The Net
Read Matthew 13:47

Jesus Walking on the Water
Read Matthew 14:22-33

Paying Your Taxes
Read Matthew 17:24-27

Matthew Code
Read Matthew 18:14-17

Importance of Forgiveness
Read Matthew 18:21-22

Important Commandment Lesson
Read Matthew 22:36-40

Read Matthew 4:23,24

The Sermon on the Mount - Rules to Live By
Read Matthew 5-7

Read Matthew13:33

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Holy Land Tours

  • Bethsaida - Jesus teaches about the kingdom of heaven, Jesus feeds the multitude
  • Galilee - Jesus calms the storm, Jesus walks on the water, story of the morning meal after Jesus' resurrection
  • Magdala - Jesus' sermon on the mount and the home of Mary Magdalene
  • Mount Tabor - Jesus' transfiguration on the mountain