By Mary Jane Chaignot

Categories: Prophets

  • Very little biographical information is known about any of these three prophets.
  • Each wrote a book only three chapters in length.
  • Nahum probably ministered first.
  • His name appears once in the OT.
  • His name probably means “consolation” or “comforter.”
  • He is never called a prophet, but he was given an oracle or a vision.
  • Some think his words aren’t prophecy at all, but liturgy – whether its festival or prophetic liturgy has yet to be determined.
  • Nahum begins his book with an acrostic poem – the first letter of each line follows the Hebrew alphabet.
  • His home was in Elkosh, although no one knows where that was.
  • He lived during the height of the Assyrian empire.
  • His message was basically an oracle against Nineveh.
  • How difficult it must have been for him to predict the demise of Nineveh when the city was thriving and doing so well.


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