The Ten Commandments (Commandments 6–10)

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Tenth Commandment Ex. 20:17
Read: Genesis 25:27-34

Eighth Commandment Ex. 20:15
Read: Genesis 27:1-41

Seventh Commandment (Ex. 20:14)
Read: Genesis 39:1-20

Ninth Commandment Ex. 20:16
Read: Genesis 3:1-14

Sixth Commandment (Ex. 20:12)
Read: Luke 2:42-52

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  • Joseph - (told by Marilyn Utz)

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  • This Topic is a Killer! - Let's commit to spending as much time praying for peaceable solutions to problems as we spend on arguments, confrontations, wars, killing, and death. Eliminate the casual use of the word "kill" today!
  • Thou Shalt Not Steal! - Borrowing of the wrong sort is based on the feeling that one's own needs are not being fulfilled. But, God loves and supplies His children with exactly what they need when they listen to Him and respond.