A Prayer Circle

A mom called a prayer circle for her daughter, which helped the woman win a job playing for a symphony. Prayer works.

By Claudia Fountain

Categories: Guidance, Power of Prayer

I had a friend who auditioned for the San Jose Symphony many years ago. She had started the violin quite late -- at the age of 18. Most start around the age of 7. She progressed very quickly and had amazing talent on the violin. Her college music professor encouraged her to continue her studies when she graduated. When she and her husband moved to the Los Angeles area, she began studies with my college violin teacher.

Then she moved to San Jose and found openings in the Musician's Union newspaper for the San Jose Symphony. Even though she had not played in many orchestras and didn't know the literature very well, she really wanted to play in such a group.

She had all the talent, good intonation, a fast, even bow stroke, but she was going to have to compete against violinists who had been playing for 15-18 years. She had only been playing for 8 years. She prepared all of the orchestral excerpts with the help of a knowledgeable teacher and perfected an appropriate violin concerto for the first part of the audition, but now she needed to be able to present her best effort.

She talked with her mom about it. Her mom told her, "I'm going to call a prayer circle for you." So her mom called all her friends at church, and they prayed for her daughter. My friend said that when she went in to play, she felt like a beautiful warm light came in. She felt the power of their prayers, and she wasn't nervous. She felt so uplifted. She won the job and played in the first violin section for many years.

The power of prayer is great and far more powerful than many imagine. It is available to anyone who sincerely petitions God's power and presence.