Healing Messages – Loving and Forgiving

Jabez and Roxie

Jeanne Sparks, an accomplished horsewoman, shares a personal experience in which the prayer of Jabez helped her work with and train a difficult horse.

God Forgives Mistakes

After an accident, God forgives.

God, Our Protector

A potentially fatal situation is averted through God's preserving power.

Reflecting God's Love

Sometimes it can be hard to love someone who we feel does not deserve it. See how this girl turned to the Bible for help with her relationship with her mother.

Honor thy Father and thy Mother

A teenager learns about unconditional love from her parents.

Wilderness Experiences

While going through a divorce, a man learns how God authoritatively cares for him, always.

A Prodigal Son's Realization

A real-life prodigal son radically changes his ways, with his family's and God's help.

Michele O'Donnell Shares How Child Was Saved From Death

God's mercy swallows up condemnation - and a toddler has a remarkable healing!

Jealousy of Friends

Jealousy got you down? A teenager shares how she stopped comparing herself and started celebrating her own accomplishments.

Loving a Scary School Teacher

In elementary school, Helen Eddington overcame fear of her teacher, and even learned to love her.

Working Through Personality Conflicts at Work

No need to resign - an employee shares how she learned to lovingly resolve issues with her coworkers.

The Bible Helped Give a Teenager Guidance to Start Over with a Relationship

Getting over a bad breakup? A teenager shares helpful insights from her experience.

Loving a Friend Who Was Gossiping

Learn to love and forgive like Joseph! A 14-year-old girl explains how.

Relying On God During a Difficult Business Relationship

Difficult business challenges are resolved when a man prays about identity.

Praying Through an Unfair and Unethical Situation

An unfair situation at work is resolved when a woman learns to love and forgive her boss.

Forgiving a Friend Who Has Betrayed You

Have you ever been betrayed? Learn how you can forgive and love again.

Healing Family Relationships

A high school student describes how she was able to overcome her dread of going home and strengthen her relationship with her parents.

A High School Student Prays About Friendship

High school student, Caroline Savoye, shares how changing her thought and turning to I Corinthians 13 healed a broken friendship.

Relying on God Resolves Personality Conflicts

Rachel Crandell describes how relying on God helped overcome personality conflicts and obstacles in order to give her 2nd grade class the opportunity to help save a tropical forest.

Being a Peacemaker Altered a Difficult Situation

Focusing on God's presence makes a tense situation become peaceful and friendly.

Blessed are the Generous

A little boy learns to be generous by willingly giving his Christmas money to tsunami relief.

A Police Officer Learns Love and Forgiveness

A policeman shares how he learned to be forgiving and compassionate at work.

How Prayer Helped School Children

Mary Michael shares a Bible passage that helps her work with children effectively.

Separate the Tares from the Wheat

A professor shares how they used the parable of the tares and the wheat to bring out the good in his/her students and begin to enjoy teaching again.

The Prodigal Son - A Girl's Favorite Story

Here are some insights about the biblical story of the prodigal son.

Effects of a Car Accident Healed through Prayer

Uplifting ideas Paul expresses in the Bible provide comfort after a head-on car crash.

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Trusting God heals an injury and solves a neighborhood dispute.

The Lord's Prayer — Answer to 9/11

After the 9/11 attacks, the Lord's Prayer is incredibly comforting.