Healing Messages – Safety

God's Presence During a Tornado

Christi Lupher, a guest on our website, shares how she overcame fear in the face of a tornado ... which calmed.

The Christ Power in a Storm at Sea

John Lupher shares how sailing in a storm at night awoke in him the desire and commitment to learn more about the Christ power and spiritual confidence that calmed the sea

Help for Boaters Stranded in Storm

How God answered our prayers when our boat wouldn't start during a thunder and lightning storm

Horse and Rider Trust God's Control

Nancy Humphrey Case shares how she learned to let go of control and trust in God while she worked with her young horse.

Facing and Overcoming Fear

Nancy Humphrey Case shares how she faced fear and overcame it after a few challenging rides on her new horse.

God's Help on Icy Bridge

An individual shares how she experienced God's control of everything, even careening traffic on an icy bridge.

God's Love Helps Us Even When We Fall

A mom shares her prayer when her daughter fell from a play structure. The fact that God fills all space and "nothing can ever separate us from God's love" brought healing!

Olene Carroll and Family Protected from Gunfire

When it seems we aren't in a safe place, we can always find comfort in God. This family did!

God Forgives Mistakes

After an accident, God forgives.

God, Our Protector

A potentially fatal situation is averted through God's preserving power.

The Way Leads Upward

See how this pilot used prayer in several situations to keep him safe in his frequent flights between southern Africa and Alaska.

Prayer About Kidnapping

No one can be beyond the Christ - not even some kidnappers. A scary situation is resolved through prayer.

God's Ever-Present Guidance

What happens when you don't get what you want? God has an even better plan for you!

The Usefulness of Angel Messages

No electricity? No problem! Angel messages lead to a family's perfect Christmas.

Listening to God's Angel Messages Saved a Climber From Falling

Whew! Listening to God saves you from falling. Just ask Kathleen!

God Provides Immediate Practical Care and Healing for a Family

Marilyn Utz shares how God met all of her family's needs when she, her daughter, and her husband were sick at Christmas time.

Relying On God For Strength, Health, And Confidence

Football proves to be an excellent proving ground for learning to rely on God for strength.

A Poor 12-Year-Old Girl Totally Healed Of Cancer

Cancer is healed! Check out this remarkable healing of a 12 year old girl.

Trusting God Saves a Teen and His Dog During a Flash Flood

A teenager prays when he and his dog are swept down a flooding river.

Healing of An Injured Arm

Feeling caught? You can be free! See how one man was healed after getting his arm caught in a laundry wringer.

An Angel Provided A Safe Place to Stay

God's care and protection is abundantly clear while traveling in South Africa.

God's Protection from Thieves

The Ten Commandments provide a strong basis for resisting an attempted robbery in Central America.

A Precious Gift

A grandmother's complete faith in God uplifts a very tough situation, when doctors thought the author's mother and sister had died during childbirth.

God's Protection in Vietnam

Major General Rob Ostenberg recounts how listening to God's guidance during the Vietnam war saved his life.

God Guides Two Teenagers

After getting lost in the desert at night, two teens make it home safely, with God's guidance.

Psalm 46:10 Helps a Camper

After getting lost in the woods, a young camper relies on God to lead her safely back to camp.

Relying on the Lord's Prayer for Safety

While being held hostage by a guerilla, Meggenn Watt prayed with the Lord's Prayer.