Healing Messages – Gratitude

Bearing Witness to the Truth

Christi Lupher shares how doing her duty as a Christian completely healed stress-related stomach cramps.

Help for Boaters Stranded in Storm

How God answered our prayers when our boat wouldn't start during a thunder and lightning storm

Missing Purse Returned

God's angels are always caring for us. A group of friends witness this care when a missing purse and all its contents are returned.

Father-Mother God

When you think of God, are you more inclined to think of Him as masculine? Think again!

God, the Realtor

Adam Messer thought he and his wife would have trouble selling their home. With prayer, however, they found that all their housing needs were quickly fulfilled.

Extending the Borders of Thought (Psalm 23)

See how this woman learned a valuable lesson about the 23rd Psalm while taking her morning swim.

Congestion Healed

Daphne Selbert climbed into the back of a taxi during Ramadan, she had no idea the driver would give her just the attitude adjustment she was looking for.

Love in Troubled Times

Gratitude breaks through long-term depression and suicidal thoughts.

Building Life Around God

Putting God at the center of your life brings infinite blessings.

The Usefulness of Angel Messages

No electricity? No problem! Angel messages lead to a family's perfect Christmas.

Let That Mind Be in You Which Was Also in Christ Jesus

Learn more about how each and every one of us reflects God's infinite Mind.

Dancing to the Rhythm of God

Boogie down! Dancing is a great way to express God.

Elizabeth Healed of Barrenness and Giving Birth to John the Baptist

Learn more Elizabeth, who was healed of barrenness. She was John the Baptist's mom, so it's clear she had a complete healing!

Kelsey Whitney, like David, Overcomes Fear

Like Goliath, we can defeat our enemy, whether it be fear, doubt, worry, or anything else. While playing varsity softball as a freshman, Kelsey did it!

Trust in God's Provision Helps a Family

Deep trust in God brings about a smooth resolution when a family needs a car.

A Teenager Prayed When It Looked As If His Boss Had Fired Him

Afraid of getting fired? Don't worry - all your needs will be met.

Jealousy of Friends

Jealousy got you down? A teenager shares how she stopped comparing herself and started celebrating her own accomplishments.

Passing a Masters Program Test One Step at a Time

When taking a difficult, important task, Lisa Graff learns to listen and act one step at a time.

Healing of Discouragement

Discouragement eliminated! An artist's confidence is restored.

God Answers The Prayer Of A 7-Year-Old Boy

A boy's prayer about the pipes in his home was answered immediately, teaching him a lifelong lesson.

Teen's Healing of a Sprained Wrist

A teenager discovers how Bible stories are relevant to her life - and has an awesome healing of a sprained wrist!

The Prayer of Jabez and Training a Difficult Horse

The prayer of Jabez helps a horse trainer effectively work with a difficult horse.

Family and Adoption

Deep longing for a child leads to adoption - and inspiring lessons are learned along the way!

A Two-King Christmas

A Christmas sermon blesses a woman throughout her whole life.

How Do You Know God Exists?

Roberta Meyers describes God's love, care, and attention through His beautiful world, which is around us.

The Value of Light

Roberta Meyers shares her insight on "walking in the light" and thriving just like a tree.

A Horse Calmed

A boy uses his faith to calm a spirited horse instead of selling it.

A Young Girl's Thank You Note to God

Check out a seven year old girl's thank you note to God, expressing her gratitude for all He does for us.

Bible Verses Help With Holiday Stress

Bible verses can help you relax, refocus on what's important, and remember to make room for God this holiday season.

Gratitude Helps Find Missing Passport

A woman prayerfully gives gratitude to God - and soon finds her missing passport!