A Young Girl's Thank You Note to God

Check out a seven year old girl's thank you note to God, expressing her gratitude for all He does for us.

By Fantazya, age 7

Categories: Abundance, Gratitude, Gratitude (Thanksgiving)

I am grateful to God because He made sunshine which is a symbol of happiness.

I am grateful because we have money and we can buy the stuff we need, like food.

And I am grateful that there are good schools to go to.

I am glad that God is Love, Principle, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Life,Truth because I feel safe when He is around and you can't change that.

I am grateful for a great family and a great Sunday School. And for the people who care about me in the world. And that I have a nice house to live in. And that we have air and wind that rushes through the gentle trees.

And even though the doctors thought my Aunt would die, she didn't.

And that the people who are doing bad things now, shall change their minds and start doing better things in the world.

The animals in the world are fun to play with. I am grateful that we have fun things to play with. And when you work together you will always win. But never give up because you will lose.