Healing Messages – Abundance

Nothing Can Take Away Our Joy

A mom shares the lessons she learned when many things in her day tried to take away her joy

God, the Realtor

Adam Messer thought he and his wife would have trouble selling their home. With prayer, however, they found that all their housing needs were quickly fulfilled.

Building Life Around God

Putting God at the center of your life brings infinite blessings.

Depression Healed

Feeling depressed and angry? Reach out for God's help! This teenager did, and she regained her peace.

God the Provider

While playing basketball (and always) God provides all ability, intelligence, and wisdom.

Trust in God's Provision Helps a Family

Deep trust in God brings about a smooth resolution when a family needs a car.

A Teenager Prayed When It Looked As If His Boss Had Fired Him

Afraid of getting fired? Don't worry - all your needs will be met.

Passing a Masters Program Test One Step at a Time

When taking a difficult, important task, Lisa Graff learns to listen and act one step at a time.

The Story of Jesus Feeding the Multitudes Heals

Worried about your diet? Consider Jesus' feeding of the multitudes.

God's Help in an Important Business Deal

Seemingly impassible business obstacles are resolved.

A Man Turns To God, Helping His Become Company Profitable Again

A CEO learns that success comes from God and His blessings never end.

Healing of Discouragement

Discouragement eliminated! An artist's confidence is restored.

Relying On God For Strength, Health, And Confidence

Football proves to be an excellent proving ground for learning to rely on God for strength.

A Poor 12-Year-Old Girl Totally Healed Of Cancer

Cancer is healed! Check out this remarkable healing of a 12 year old girl.

Inspirations and Motivation for Piano Students

A piano teacher gets inspired to make a special project for her students.

An Angel Provided A Safe Place to Stay

God's care and protection is abundantly clear while traveling in South Africa.

God's Word and God's Care

After getting hit in the mouth with a golf club, a boy has an beautiful healing.

God's Protection from Thieves

The Ten Commandments provide a strong basis for resisting an attempted robbery in Central America.

Blessed are the Generous

A little boy learns to be generous by willingly giving his Christmas money to tsunami relief.

A Two-King Christmas

A Christmas sermon blesses a woman throughout her whole life.

How Do You Know God Exists?

Roberta Meyers describes God's love, care, and attention through His beautiful world, which is around us.

How Prayer Helped Alison Inches Write Designs and Doodles: A Muppet Sketchbook

When faced with the seemingly impossible task of writing a book in eight weeks, Alison Inches turns to God.

Separate the Tares from the Wheat

A professor shares how they used the parable of the tares and the wheat to bring out the good in his/her students and begin to enjoy teaching again.

The Value of Light

Roberta Meyers shares her insight on "walking in the light" and thriving just like a tree.

Feelings or Trust?

An individual shares their experience dealing with emotions and feeling distant from God.

Healing of Stress

Kerri Henderson Martina shows how helpful Scriptures are in dealing with stressful situations.

The Prodigal Son - A Girl's Favorite Story

Here are some insights about the biblical story of the prodigal son.

A Young Girl's Thank You Note to God

Check out a seven year old girl's thank you note to God, expressing her gratitude for all He does for us.

Getting Into College

The concept of mind helps a man ace his IQ test and get into the University of Michigan.

Basketball Injury Healed

Perfect love heals an ankle injured while playing basketball.

The Lord's Prayer — Answer to 9/11

After the 9/11 attacks, the Lord's Prayer is incredibly comforting.

Is God Everything? A Boy's Question

A graduate student answers the question, "Is God everything?"

Roberta Meyer's Dog is a Reminder of God's Love

The quest for the perfect dog demonstrates that God takes care of us in every aspect of our lives.

A Widow Finds Comfort

Roberta discusses how some psalms and proverbs that continue to comfort her after her husband's passing.

Economic Crisis Averted

Prayer inspires a family to thrive, even during a difficult recession.