Healing Messages – Loss

Wallet Lost in the Ocean is Found

Marilyn Utz shares how she and her husband were able to maintain their joy even though his wallet was lost at the beginning of their tropical vacation - and then how it was restored in full

Missing Purse Returned

God's angels are always caring for us. A group of friends witness this care when a missing purse and all its contents are returned.

Jeanne Sparks Prays About Her Studio

Jeanne Sparks, piano teacher, shares how she has effectively prayed to maintain a safe, pure, beautiful, and respectful atmosphere in her studio for her piano students.

Stolen Trailer Returned After Prayer

When something gets stolen (in this case, a trailer), we can pray, take practical steps, and watch the good results.

Depression Healed

Feeling depressed and angry? Reach out for God's help! This teenager did, and she regained her peace.

Wilderness Experiences

While going through a divorce, a man learns how God authoritatively cares for him, always.

Living after a Loss

Bible verses help a woman carry on and keep enjoying her dogs after her husband passes.

A Two-King Christmas

A Christmas sermon blesses a woman throughout her whole life.

A Precious Gift

A grandmother's complete faith in God uplifts a very tough situation, when doctors thought the author's mother and sister had died during childbirth.

The Lord's Prayer — Answer to 9/11

After the 9/11 attacks, the Lord's Prayer is incredibly comforting.

A Widow Finds Comfort

Roberta discusses how some psalms and proverbs that continue to comfort her after her husband's passing.