Healing Messages – Guidance

Finding a Fulfilling Career Path

Margie Eddington shares how, despite challenges and closed doors along the way, God led her step-by-step to just the right career.

The Christ Power in a Storm at Sea

John Lupher shares how sailing in a storm at night awoke in him the desire and commitment to learn more about the Christ power and spiritual confidence that calmed the sea

Overcoming Feeling Alone

Nicholas shares how he felt alone in a different country and found comfort in the story of Joseph.

Restaurant Owner Trusts God's Direction

Ray Villaman worried about leaving his restaurants for a year to live in Spain with his family. Trusting that God is in control brought healing.

Finding a Place to Live

Christine Villaman shares how God found her family a place to live just in time and in a great location in Spain, where they'd be living for a year.

Help for Boaters Stranded in Storm

How God answered our prayers when our boat wouldn't start during a thunder and lightning storm

Hostile Take-Over Prevented Through Prayer

Chris Jackson tells how another company made an attempt at a hostile take-over and how prayer helped them survive, transform, and thrive.

Wallet Lost in the Ocean is Found

Marilyn Utz shares how she and her husband were able to maintain their joy even though his wallet was lost at the beginning of their tropical vacation - and then how it was restored in full

Jabez and Roxie

Jeanne Sparks, an accomplished horsewoman, shares a personal experience in which the prayer of Jabez helped her work with and train a difficult horse.

Jeanne Sparks Prays About Her Studio

Jeanne Sparks, piano teacher, shares how she has effectively prayed to maintain a safe, pure, beautiful, and respectful atmosphere in her studio for her piano students.

God Knows What a Son Needs

Lori Doutrich shares how giving her son totally to God helped bring healing and harmony to his attitude and to their relationship.

God, Our Ever-Present Father

When her boys needed a father because theirs was gone for work, Amy Sparkman explains how they came to recognize father figures all around them. They learned that God is their ever-present Father.

Healing for an Owner and a Horse

A horsemanship teacher, decided to see an impatient horse owner as patient. His attitude changed, as did his relationship with his horse.

Therapeutic Horsemanship and Love Meet a Son's Needs

Judith Cordray shares how prayer for their special education son and a therapeutic horsemanship instructor's refusal to limit him has helped her son break through limits and become more independent.

A Prayer Circle

A mom called a prayer circle for her daughter, which helped the woman win a job playing for a symphony. Prayer works.

Patience Learned

Being patient can feel tough. See how Jesus' patience with his disciples helped one teacher exercise patience with her own students.

The Right Path

It can feel hard to find a job that is fulfilling. Find out how this woman found her perfect career with prayer.

Olene Carroll and Family Protected from Gunfire

When it seems we aren't in a safe place, we can always find comfort in God. This family did!

Communicating with God

We have all felt unsure of whether we are hearing God's messages or just our own ideas. This article takes that burden off our mind.

Life's Calling

God always has a plan for us - and it's always good!

Guidance in Hectic Times

While our lives sometimes seem to be loaded down with work, there is always time to get everything done with prayerful guidance. See how this woman found plenty of time to spare when she turned her thought to God.

Congestion Healed

Daphne Selbert climbed into the back of a taxi during Ramadan, she had no idea the driver would give her just the attitude adjustment she was looking for.

God's Ever-Present Guidance

What happens when you don't get what you want? God has an even better plan for you!

A New School of Thought

Though leaving one school system and building one of their own had many challenges, this couple faced it all with comforting thoughts from God.

God: The Active and Present Force

Even when a situation seems hopeless, listening to God and asking for direction does the trick.

Being of One Mind

Working with people who have a different mindset can be hard. But when we learn that we are all of one Mind - God's Mind - we can easily smooth out the differences.

The Usefulness of Angel Messages

No electricity? No problem! Angel messages lead to a family's perfect Christmas.

In Times of Trouble

While mountain biking in the Alps, a man prayerfully problem-solves his way through a sticky situation.

Let That Mind Be in You Which Was Also in Christ Jesus

Learn more about how each and every one of us reflects God's infinite Mind.

Wilderness Experiences

While going through a divorce, a man learns how God authoritatively cares for him, always.

A Prodigal Son's Realization

A real-life prodigal son radically changes his ways, with his family's and God's help.

Our Right Place

A marine biologist learns that there are always unlimited opportunities for good.

Walking with Love

At camp, Tabby learns that God is with us every step of the way.

God Helps a Company Stay in Business

Afraid of failure? Turn to God for direction, and you will succeed. Check out how Jim did just that when major challenges arose in his company.

Working Through Personality Conflicts at Work

No need to resign - an employee shares how she learned to lovingly resolve issues with her coworkers.

Listening to God's Angel Messages Saved a Climber From Falling

Whew! Listening to God saves you from falling. Just ask Kathleen!

The Bible Helped Give a Teenager Guidance to Start Over with a Relationship

Getting over a bad breakup? A teenager shares helpful insights from her experience.

Relying On God During a Difficult Business Relationship

Difficult business challenges are resolved when a man prays about identity.

God's Help in an Important Business Deal

Seemingly impassible business obstacles are resolved.

Making an Important Choice with God

A ballerina shares how she made an important choice with God's guidance.

The Bible Impacts a Student's Performance

The Bible helps a student heal a headache and improve his performance in the class.

Inspirations and Motivation for Piano Students

A piano teacher gets inspired to make a special project for her students.

Relying on God Resolves Personality Conflicts

Rachel Crandell describes how relying on God helped overcome personality conflicts and obstacles in order to give her 2nd grade class the opportunity to help save a tropical forest.

The Prayer of Jabez and Training a Difficult Horse

The prayer of Jabez helps a horse trainer effectively work with a difficult horse.

Family and Adoption

Deep longing for a child leads to adoption - and inspiring lessons are learned along the way!

A Precious Gift

A grandmother's complete faith in God uplifts a very tough situation, when doctors thought the author's mother and sister had died during childbirth.

God's Protection in Vietnam

Major General Rob Ostenberg recounts how listening to God's guidance during the Vietnam war saved his life.

How Prayer Helped Alison Inches Write Designs and Doodles: A Muppet Sketchbook

When faced with the seemingly impossible task of writing a book in eight weeks, Alison Inches turns to God.

Separate the Tares from the Wheat

A professor shares how they used the parable of the tares and the wheat to bring out the good in his/her students and begin to enjoy teaching again.

Getting Into College

The concept of mind helps a man ace his IQ test and get into the University of Michigan.

God Guides Two Teenagers

After getting lost in the desert at night, two teens make it home safely, with God's guidance.

Roberta Meyer's Dog is a Reminder of God's Love

The quest for the perfect dog demonstrates that God takes care of us in every aspect of our lives.

Psalm 46:10 Helps a Camper

After getting lost in the woods, a young camper relies on God to lead her safely back to camp.

Rob Miller Trusts God with His Career

Rob Miller tells how God helps him pursue his dream of becoming a screenwriter.

Gratitude Helps Find Missing Passport

A woman prayerfully gives gratitude to God - and soon finds her missing passport!

God's Direction

Listening to God makes a difficult career decision easier.