How Do You Know God Exists?

Roberta Meyers describes God's love, care, and attention through His beautiful world, which is around us.

By Roberta Meyers, Yountville, CA

Categories: Abundance, Creation, Gratitude

Most of us here in northern California had been hoping the gloomy weather would let up, but I am amazed at how fast it can get really hot in the Napa Valley. It seems as if spring lasted only a week or so. (I must have been in the bathroom -- missed it altogether!)

Now that summer is here, maybe a little sooner than some of us would like, I can't help notice how beautiful God has made His world. As I look at the kaleidoscope of color surrounding me, I am awed by His amazing attention to detail. He invented color, you know. And the colors are spectacular.

Now that I walk my chocolate lab morning and evening, seven days a week, I can't help but notice and be astonished by the intricacies of His design. And He didn't have to do that. He could have made it all very drab, and we would never have known the difference, but the beauty is here to proclaim His glory, and to give us pleasure, because He loves us. There are so many different flowers, bushes, and trees. Up here it's not uncommon to see a palm tree and a redwood, growing - and thriving - side by side. Remarkable.

By far the most amazing spectacle to behold is the acres and acres and MILES AND MILES of vineyards up here. They are fascinating. I had never given much thought to vineyards (none, really,) until moving here with my husband in 1988. Suddenly, the parable of the vineyard became very real. The vines require so much attention! I look out on vast expanses of vineyards, literally as far as the eye can see, and it astounds me to think that EACH INDIVIDUAL PLANT must be cared for - one at a time. The guy can't go out in his vineyard and prune just one grape plant. Rows and rows, miles upon miles, it seems, of little entities, need his watchful, skilled care.

It's just that way with God and us, isn't it? He tends to each one of us, one at a time -- each one is as important to Him as if there were no others. When I look at the vineyards, I'm overwhelmed by their enormity -- and their demands: PLANT ME! FEED ME! WATER ME! PRUNE ME! GET ALL THESE CHOKING WEEDS OUT OF HERE! THESE BUGS ARE EATING ME UP! HARVEST MY FRUIT!

Our wonderful Heavenly Father cares for us with divine, AGAPE love and providence. He sees each one of us every moment of every day. He is aware of EVERYTHING, no matter how small, that happens in the life of JUST ONE OF US. And ALL of us. He sends people into our lives at just the right time, to minister to us and fill our needs. He has given us Jesus as our Savior -- the One who came to save us, and now dwells within our hearts. He sent His Holy spirit to comfort us, prompt us and instruct us.

And He does it all…ONE AT A TIME.