Horse and Rider Trust God's Control

Nancy Humphrey Case shares how she learned to let go of control and trust in God while she worked with her young horse.

By Nancy Humphrey Case

Categories: Fear, Power of Prayer, Safety

One day when my largest horse, Aari, was young and I started riding him out on the trail, he got excited. It felt like he might run away with me. Then I had the thought that since God made Aari, as the Bible says, "Thou sendest forth thy spirit, they are created,” his energy and exuberance, coming from God, must be under God's control (Ps 104:30 KJV). When I understood this concept, Aari relaxed and was mentally calm, even though still lively. I had a great feeling of trust in God, which Aari felt, too.

When he was 5, I started doing dressage with him. Things were going really well for awhile, but my instructor wanted me to ride with short, taut reins, which Aari wasn’t comfortable with, and communication between us broke down. I didn’t feel I could control him anymore, and it was scary.

So I took him to another trainer. She rode him for a week, and then I came for a lesson. She told me the goal for that lesson was for me to ride Aari with no rein contact. I couldn’t believe it. That would mean having no control at all. Then she said, “He’s only going to trust you as far as you trust him. Someone has to initiate that trust.”

With that, I let the reins out gradually. It was really an act of trust in God’s control. As I did that, Aari relaxed and was calm. It was the coolest discovery. Our relationship has grown so beautifully, and a couple of years ago we won two dressage awards. God has taught me so much through these horses, and I’m learning more all the time.

Nancy Humphrey Case is a guest on our site. She is a freelance writer who has written Simple Prayers for people of all faiths (or no faith), too. She also has been teaching horsemanship to children and volunteers in prison leading Bible study.